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Under the deep blue sea
By Melina Asnani

I remember the time I went scuba diving in Phuket.  It was exciting!  I went with my cousin Manishka and sister Krsana.  First, we started practicing in the pool.  I was really good at it.  I learnt all the signs and every safety rule there was.  Manishka and Krsana just kept popping out of the water but after a few adjustments, they were fine. It was fun in the pool and I just couldn’t wait to go out into the sea.

The next day, they took us on a boat out to the sea.  Our younger brothers went snorkeling.  Manishka, Krsana and I went scuba diving with one instructor, while my dad and my cousin’s mom who were also scuba diving went with a different instructor.

To get into the sea, we took a big jump from the boat. It was scary and I had to force myself to do it.  I kept thinking I would sink after jumping with all my heavy gear. But instead I just floated right up to the top.

Manishka and I went straight into the water - no trouble at all.  My sister, Krsana, following us on the other hand could not figure out what to do.  Our instructor went up to help her first and then we followed after.  Krsana couldn’t go more than two meters without having her ears pop like popcorn.

She returned to the boat.  She would try again on the next dive but for now she decided to go snorkeling instead.  Then the instructor, Squid (it was his nickname) took Manishka and me, to explore under the deep blue sea.

We saw loads of fish and it was just beautiful below.  We pointed to each other and were signaling every thing.  I felt like an amazing mermaid.  But time went by so fast.  It was like one moment we were surrounded by many colorful fish and the next we were up by the shore.  “Was that really an hour?” I asked Squid just to make sure.  I think Manishka was thinking the same thing.

After a few hours it was time for the next dive.  Sister, Krsana tried again and I was hoping she would make it.   She went down and pop, pop, pop went her ears.   Back to the boat she went again.  I felt kind of sorry for her but I was glad I got this experience.

Once more, it was stupendous.  I just couldn’t believe it.  This time we went ten and a half meters deep.  I felt like I was a professional already!  Wow, wow, wow, was this a dream?  It was even more enjoyable than the last time.  Why couldn’t I have lived under water, like a mermaid?

This was truly a great life experience.  If I ever get such a chance again I will definitely take up the offer and I recommend you try it too.

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