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By Chandroo D.

Years ago, a friend asked me about my ambition in life?  Without hesitation, I replied that my greatest desire was to live long enough to be a Grandpa one day.  My children, who were not even married at that time, gave me a surprised ‘Dah’ look!

Today, fortunately, my wife and I are proud grandparents to five fabulous grandchildren.  They are the most rewarding bundles of joy who have ever come into our lives, next to our daughter and son of course!  The joy of being grandparents involves having to provide them with unconditional love and care.  We love them without expecting too much from them nor do we also expect perfection from them, the way we expected from our own children.  Perhaps this unconditional love comes with wisdom given to us from time and experience.

Let me introduce you to all five individually.  Granddaughter #1 (12 years old) is the champion of all!  Being the eldest, she has now started to exercise authority and power above all.  She is maturing fast and is capable of convincing anyone around her to dance to her whims.  Once, during her day off school, in London, she asked me if I could take her for breakfast.  ‘Sure’, I said, ‘Call me any time after 5 am and I shall be pick you up’.  She calls on the dot 6 am.  I remember it was a very cold dreary and raining that morning, as I walked through the dark Regent’s Park holding on tightly to my flying umbrella.  I picked her up and took her to a nearby café.  Conversation was general, with me trying to fit in and share her views of her young talent idols.  Did I know Hanna Montana?  Sure by name only! (I am glad I catch up on Hollywood gossip occasionally). After an hour of hearty breakfast and chit chat, I brought her back to my home, only to learn that she had a date later with her Dad for a seafood lunch.  Wow! Was she busy!  She is a great writer and has recently contributed to my website.

Granddaughter #2 (10 years old) is the lovable sparkling one.  Always bubbly, cheerful and ready to give bear hugs!  She is considered the geek in the family so far – frequently studying or occupied on her laptop.  She picks up things fast and is computer literate at her tender age.  She enjoys taking part in her class plays and activities seriously and is a good actor and a dancer.  I named her ‘Dancing Queen’ when she was 3.  She is very attached to Grandson #3 and will do anything to protect him.

Grandson #3 (6 years old) is the most active one of them all.  He jumps from one corner of the room to the other side over the furniture like Tarzan swinging from trees.  One minute he is here and the next minute he is behind me trying to perform a Judo clasp on me!  I named him ‘Cling-on’ when he was around 6 months or so, as he always clung on to me and would never leave me.  Times have changed and now he wants to practice Judo kicks with me.  He has a curious mind and eager to know a lot about people or things.  He always has a ready amazing answer for any question put up to him.  Smart!  His favourite outing is when his father takes him out to play football in the fields.

We meet the above three once a year so far and it is amazing to feel the joys that they bring, the way they make us want to live healthier and longer, and not forgetting all the marvelous little things we cherish with them.

Grandson #4 (4 years) is the quiet and reserved one. He is very disciplined and obedient in whatever he does.  He knows the right time to eat, to play, to sleep etc.  He loves to be on his own and enjoys playing with his extensive collection of cars.   Despite his serious look, he has a hidden jovial side.  Every chance he gets, he loves to consistently tease and call me ‘Dadu’ despite my teaching him to call me ‘Grandpa’.   However, in order to get what he wants, only then he would slyly resort to calling me ‘Grandpa’.  It's funny that things my kids did that got on my nerves; seem so cute when my grandchildren do them.

Last but not the least, Granddaughter #5 (2 years old).  She is the cutest of them all and most of all the apple of her parent’s eyes.  She has a mind of her own and has an unforgettable smile.  It is amazing how her hypnotic soothing smile can easily drown my sorrow or tension around me.  If she is not happy with something, she will boldly push you away and ask you to ‘go away’!  At this age, she follows her brother around and is a fast learner.

Having grandchildren is great and hopefully our son or daughter can finally understand what we have been through.  By personally interacting with our grandchildren with love and care, I hope we as Grandparents play an influential part in our grandchildren’s life and enhance a family bond and connection.


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