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In Box 2010

Subject: Observation
I like it fun stuff and a great idea keep it up, you are the man...
Sunita Teckchand - Dubai 19/August/2010

Subject: The Volcano Crystal
Perhaps, an elder can use this lovely story to explain the ‘real power’ that moon exerts on so much on our earth,
The gravitational pull of moon, that effects the tides, for example.
Cecil - Canberra 19/July/2010

Subject: Ya Lah
Hi Chandroo, I totally enjoyed your article, nice style :), I must admit I visited Singapore a while ago & could easily identify with your comments, nevertheless it was very informative indeed!! yah lah keep up the good style!
Jessie - Dubai 17/July/2010

Subject: Visitor
A cute little space odyssey!!!
Shanti - Perth 15/July/2010

Subject: Zee TV
Hear Hear Mr D!
Dipesh K - London 7/June/2010

Subject: Zee TV
You are so funny, Chandroo!
Betty Ng - New York 5/June/2010

Subject: ZEEEEEE
Lucky for us , we dont have Zee available here in Perth, when we do, The show follows EST, and so the time difference in  WA makes it difficult to follow through the episodes!
Shanti - Perth 5/June/2010

Subject: Zee TV
Well said these soap operas give ideas to the indian family to plot against they mother in law and how to be a vamp........really disgusting. the ladies are always so made up even when they get up in the morning.......come on give me a break !!
Jaya Samtani - Mumbai 5/June/2010

Subject: Hooked on ZTV
People are just bored of their own family drama & therefore resort to another's drama. Such is the Time  we are living in, Chandroo.
Bhagwan Chugani 4/June/2010

Subject: An evening in West End.
What an achievement! would like to see them on You Tube!
Shanti & Meena - Perth 11/May/2010

Subject: Appreciation
I promise you will get them from me both in the form of emoticons and in person the next time I see you!  :D
Smiles and hugs,
Betty Ng - New York 27/April/2010

Subject: Tiger
Dear Chandroo,
I echo your sentiment. Most of us are too judgmental and too quick to form an opinion on matters that quite often are none of our business. Relationships can be very complicated and only the two people involved can truly understand the dynamics. There is a cause for every effect, whether we are talking about infidelity, theft, murder, or drug addiction. I think if we develop more compassion towards other people we will be less judgmental.
Betty Ng - New York 27/April/2010


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