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In Box 2023

Subject: A Secret


Dear Chandroo,

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your secret for ageing so well!

I promise to follow your advice: family life, gratitude, a positive mindset, regular exercise, sufficient rest and of course time to relax (occasionally with a G&T).

I hope you and your family are well. As for me, I enjoyed a one month holiday this summer with my family in Spain, France and Greece and am now getting used to my new life. So far so good! 

Warm regards,


Hi Chandroo,

Enjoyed reading "SECRET" very much. Very Interesting. Logical, Philosophical and truthful.

God Bless Octogenarians. I made it in July.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon with almost all Eighties Group.

Kindest regards,


Hello Chandroo, 

A very nice article. It is uplifting, but also honest on the difficulties. I must praise you, you have very good daily routines!

My mum, who is 74, is going through a rough patch. My father passed away in March. The estate is bit of a mess, and my mum has health worries. I sent your text to her, as an inspiration. 

My family and me are doing great. Three weeks ago my kids and me became Swiss! We are now dual Finnish and Swiss citizens. My wife remains a PRC citizen, she was not yet eligible to apply for a Swiss citizenship. A photo of the citizenship ceremony is attached.

Please send my greeting to Lavina.


Hi Uncle,

Thanks for sharing the secret of a long healthy life. 

Vitamin M is another important ingredient for an independent life, your thoughts about it?



Hi chandroo hows things at yr end hope lavina also doing fine?great to know u have reached 80 congrats HBD🎂🍾🤗❤️

Best wishes from samtani family laspalmas 

Subject: My Milestone

Dear friend Chandroo...your article has reminded me that I am not far behind you at all...having turned 79 a couple of months ago I feel exactly what you have mentioned in your article.  We both grew up in the same era, doing pretty much the same things having lived in the same neighbourhood.  There's so much to be thankful for especially that our minds and bodies are still alert and functioning, but most of all I am so very thankful to the Powers Above that at our golden age in life I was able to get back in touch with old friends and renew that friendship which a ton of gold cannot buy.  Thank you buddy for coming back into my life and making an effort to visit us in Chiang Mai with your lovely wife Lavina.  I will always hold those precious memories close to my heart.



My dearest uncle , 

This is an endearing and heartfelt write up . Your life  is inspiring and I can only wish to live half as well as you do . Thank you for reminding us to take time smell the roses on the way . And live before it’s over 😊 thank you uncle for being the person that you are . Special ! 

And thank you for being part of that family that makes life worthwhile. Have a super 80th and even better decade ahead . Look forward to that big mile stone too. Love always precious one ❤️



Happy 80th Birthday .May God Bless you abundantly.



Congrats happy 80th birthday gbu and many more to come

Best wishes from 

Samtani family


My dearest darling brother..

I'm confident you ll be right here till you re 90🥰🥰

My prayers are there for you always.

Keep that million dollar smile  and keep going 😊 ☺️ 🙂 




Morning Uncle,

A very happy birthday uncle. May the Lord keep you in great health. 🎉

Always a joy to read your articles. Definitely, you are young at heart even at 80years.!

If you are travelling again to London, do let me know. My eldest daughter is now there. It would be wonderful if she could meet with you. 

Lots of loves. 😘Rita

Very well written.

Perhaps now is the time to write a book ?




Hello Chandroo,

Happy birthday Sir !!! 🥳 

It was a pleasure to read about your milestone. It helps me also guess what my mother and father-in-law are probably thinking about, in their different ways. In particular, your realistic yet positive attitude was inspiring to read. 

On our side, things are going really well. I work full time, but decided seven years ago to prioritise family and accept the resulting career stagnation - I continue to consider having made the right choice! 😊 

Attached to this email our family photo taken during our vacation back in 🇸🇬 last autumn. 

Please pass my best regards to Lavina (I hope I got your wife’s name correct!)







A very good read and glad you are keeping a strongly optimistic outlook on life

Adi Joshi

Dear Chandroo,

 I just read your article on being 80. It is very good.

I would like to wish you a Belated Happy Birthday for the 3rd.April.

Hope you had a wonderful day with family and friends.

 Take care.




Wah Wah Chandroo Bhai 

What a heart-warming description of life after one has entered on the threshold of Eightees.

You are undeniably a consummate and prolific writer who knows the art and science of keeping his readers fully engaged and engrossed in your conversation and description of any anecdote and life's true experiences.

Given the vast and rich experiences of your chequered life history, I am sure you will shortly oblige your fans ( and I am one of your ardent fans) with a book containing memoirs of a " Passionate Lover of life " that you so eminently personify.

I am so fortunate to have known a bit since our first meeting in probably November- December 1996 followed by many friendly encounters as a member of our BBC club.

On your 80 th Birthday I hope, notwithstanding a few metallic materials in your otherwise such a flexible heart full of beautiful emotions towards friends- and many a time, selfless and subtly giving and helping- , that you continue to stay blessed with love, great health and happiness for many more years to come.

Looking forward to having the privilege of meeting you in the coming days/ months 

Yours truly 


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