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Interviewing myself
By Chandroo D.

Are you a dog or a cat person?
A cat person.  Unfortunately, my better half abhors them, so no chance of getting one in my lifetime.   Dogs are messy; require more attention and a daily walk.

Do you have a religious faith?
I believe man created God and religion and not the other way around.  So far, religion has created nothing but enmities and the past wars around the world.

Which comes first for you - sex or love?
They go hand in hand and I still have a bit of both left in me.

What is you first memory?
Strolling down the sea front promenade with my father every evening before going home for dinner.

What is your luxurious demand?
A comfortable king size bed to sleep in and a sea view - whenever I travel.

What is your grooming ritual?
I am past that.  What you see is what you get.

What is one piece of clothing that you put on that makes you smile?
A perfect fit trouser to prove that my waist line is still 34 inches.  Anything tight would mean that I have gained weight and that definitely is not good for my health!

Who would you play in a film of your life?
For my younger years somebody dashing like Errol Flynn.  For my older years – mature and confident Anthony Hopkins minus his cannibalism.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Haagen Daz ice cream.

What is your favourite dish?
Biryani.  It is a complete meal on its own.

Who and what is the love of your life?
My grandchildren are the best medicines who bring happiness and a smile to my face.

What is your deepest regret?
Not being able to carry my better half in my arms as I used to, donkey’s years ago.

What is your best trait?
Analyzing faces and expressions - to verify a character.

And your worse?
I am impatient, but I am mellowing with age.

What would improve your appearance?
A hairy top, like what I had during my younger years.

What is your secret crush?
I grew out of crushes, when I turned 50.

What was your big break?
A devastating typhoon in Guam during early ‘70s.  A famous departmental store had me fly down a full load of urgent daily necessities on the U.S. Air force relief plane.  I had just established my company then.

What is your biggest loss?
My teenage day’s buddies, one by one as they passed away.

What’s in your bedside table?
Magazines, pen and a writing pad to jot on when an idea pops up in my head during the night.

Do you eat fruits and veggies?
In case my wife is reading, yes of course.

Your favourite drink?
Bombay Sapphire Dry Gin with a touch of fresh lime or lime cordial.

How’s your health?
My ailing heart is ticking well so far, thanks to a strict diet implemented by my better half.

When do you plan to retire?
The day I am unable to move my arms and legs.  That’s when I would like to be taken care of at an old aged home and not be a burden on the family.

Who would be your beneficiaries?
My loved ones who are on my good books.

Finally, your advice?
There are two things to aim at in life; first to get what you want, and after that to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind achieve the second.


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