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Mumbai Terrorist Attacks: What lessons can we learn?​
By Naresh Asnani

The Mumbai Terrorist Attacks instilled the same reactions in me as they did in most other Indians and citizens of the world.  Shock!  A complete surprise that this could have happened!  Disgust!  That Human beings could be so barbaric.  Anger!  At Indian authorities for their very slow response to the situation.  It is all very well to express our views and point fingers.  However it has happened and we cannot undo that.  In respect to the victims of the Mumbai Terrorist Attack, it is important that we learn some important lessons and start the process of change in the world.

Firstly All Citizens of India - we have been quiet too long.   We have not made our leaders answerable to us.  Clearly the majority of the politicians and civil servant are too busy fulfilling their personal agendas and are not working in the best interests of the nation.  And we have buried our heads in the sand like ostriches.  This ghastly incident has woken us up and we must make sure we do not return to yesterday’s impasses.  We must continue to ask questions and demand action.  It is our job to make sure our government is held accountable and serves the people of India.  Those who fail to perform their duties, those who continue to serve their selfish interests; we must make sure that we remove them and bring the right people in.  India is filled with heroes like Taj GM Karambir Kang (who continue to perform his duties and save people even when his family was unable to be saved by the authorities) and Officer Hemant Karkare (Maharashtra Police Anti Terrorism Squad Chief who was gunned down).  Fellow Indians, it is our job to make sure the right people lead us.

Secondly to our Government I say WAKE UP!  Remember the task you have promised to fulfill.  We don’t need the likes of Shivraj Patil (Home Minister who resigned) and Raj Thackeray (Founder & President of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena) leading us.  With all due respect if you are a coward, and incompetent, or just too busy protecting your interests, kindly step down.  Those of you who choose to stay on do your job and serve the People of India.

Next I address the civil servants and everyday people who have been assigned an important function.  To the clerk, who may have taken a small bribe to issue a fake ID card.  To the security person who may have turned a blind eye to dubious packages entering the Taj.  This must stop!  It may seem that a small incentive to turn a blind eye does not really harm anyone but we must realize there are other implications. Do we want to betray our nation?  Do we want to have assisted another terrorist attack on the nation? We must all hold ourselves to the highest standards of honesty and integrity.  Anything less is selling out Our Country.

Finally I address all Muslims of the world.  We are aware that it is a few misguided individuals who are responsible but you can no longer afford to be silent.  Every sincere follower of Islam should loudly state “We do not accept this and all other terrorist actions.  These go against the beliefs and teachings of Islam.  Terrorists are not part of us and there is no place for them in our heavens”.  When the world hears one voice from the Islamic community ostracizing terrorist activities it will be much more difficult for the likes of Al Quaeda to convince a misguided youth that blowing up innocent people will earn him a place in the heavens.

Citizens of the World, In homage to all the victims of The War on Terror, it is our responsibility to start changing our world. If we don’t do our part we cannot afford to complain about anyone else.


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