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Music makes me happy!

by C. D.


“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” ― Bob Marley


My true love for music and songs began during mid-50s, when I remember sitting on the floor in the living room surrounded by my family, and cranking up the gramophone to play records made from polyvinyl chloride.  The records came in three sizes, 12”, 10” & 7” (331/3, 78, 48 RPM).  There were no rental clubs for such records, so we had to save up and either buy them or borrow from friends.


As years went by, affordable radios came along.  Some of the brands I remember were Marconi, Bush, Telefunken, Grundig, Philips and Echo.  They were enormous and equipped with glass valves, condensers, and resisters. They were required to be connected to an antenna placed up on the roof top in order to receive a good reception.  You can imagine and picture me going up to the rooftop, tediously, to set up one and throwing down the long cable along the building wall and into the window of our apartment.  Along comes a Burmese cat and I accidentally trip over, nearly falling over the edge. Whew! - that was a close call.


During the evenings, right after our homework and chores, we would turn on the radio and listened to the broadcast from all around the world.  In comparison to the present clear reception, we were used to the crackling and sometimes howling sounds of MW, SW, LW wavebands accompanying the sweet sounds of music and songs. My best exciting moments were when I and my friends sat by it listening to the running commentary of a cricket or a football match.


Unlike today, songs had clear meanings either sad, romantic or happy.  The songs reminded one of friends or love ones and contained lyrics that communicated hope and related to the situation.


The major reason why music has such an impact on me is in the memories that it evokes. It takes me back to a certain place and reminds me of great times. Fast energetic music generally seems particularly good for this, because it makes me feel like dancing or reminds me of when I had good times at a party or at a wedding.

On the flip side however those memories may not always be good and may remind me of bad times or lost loves. Many of us instinctively turn to sad music when we’re feeling down. Wonder why? Perhaps it lifts our spirits.  Occasionally there are also times when a catchy songs clings in our minds and auto plays when we are relaxed.


“When you wake up with a song stuck in your head, it means an angel sang you to sleep.” ― Denise Baer


Fast forward —> a few years ago, I discovered Internet Radios. What a satisfaction and comfort! Once connected to my WiFi, I can now search by country, genre or language and choose to listen to any radio station around the world. You name it and you will find it and what’s more - the reception is crystal clear! Thanks to this, I now have music in my living room playing in the background, music at my bedside to wake me up or relax me to sleep, music in the bathroom while shaving and showering and in my car while braving the daily traffic.  Today, it is Elvis, tomorrow Cliff Richard and the next day Pat Boone and so forth.


So does music make people happy? Well, not always, but listening to the oldies but goldies sure takes me back to memory lanes and totally relaxes me.  Not only does it impose patience on me and slows down my heart rate but also puts a smile on my face!


Ancient Gramophone
Modern Internet Radio
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