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My Milestone

by C. D.

When I turned 50, I was at the top of the hill and happy to be there. Then at age 60 and then 70, I felt myself slowly going down the hill.  Now at 80, I wonder if I will be leaving the hill and end up in the green pastures?


Thankfully, I am still around as the result of the love, care and support of my family and friends, for without them there wouldn’t be much point.


My 80th birthday is an important milestone because it is the point at which I believe I have achieved a lot in my life and am still pretty healthy with my heart still ticking away.  I, along with my wife, raised 2 children and who in return have given us wonderful 5 grand children.


Luckily at eighty I am not invalid and I still enjoy a good walk, a good meal and I can sleep without taking a pill. I am very fortunate when birds, flowers, mountains and sea still inspire me during my regular walks.


At eighty I believe I am a far more happy and cheerful person than I was at twenty or thirty. I most definitely would not want to go back in time and be a teenager again.


Born in 40’s, I have never believed in commercialized healthy foods or diets either. I have probably been eating all of the wrong things all of my life — and I have thrived on it. I eat to enjoy my food but in moderation. I have been told many times - I eat like a bird. 


I rarely go for a regular check-ups. However, if there is something seriously wrong with me and needs attention, I immediately consult my doctor and have myself fixed up. I admit I have had a few heart attack alerts and countless implants of stents in my arteries. Thanks goes to the doctors and modern medicines that has kept me going. Retirement doesn’t come to my mind as I believe it is for a person who is invalid and confined to bed. I don’t think there is a prescription for a long life. Besides, who wants to live to be a hundred? What’s the point of it? A short life and a merry one is far better than a long life.


Perhaps the most comforting thing about growing old gracefully is the ability not to take things too seriously.  Sadly, my mobile’s contact list of close friends has diminished annually. Best buddies have passed away and left me lonely many days.


Next upcoming milestone would be when I am 90 years old. Surprisingly, one of my insurance company recently dampened my spirit by sending me an update of my policy, claiming that at age 90, my policy would lapse and become null and void! Now that has got me thinking!

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