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By Manishka Daryanani.


My life is a painting. Always busy, never done.

On other days that seem dull and boring I have to dig deeper to find the real true meaning of that day. I mean come on, there has to be a reason why that day was chosen to turn out the way it did. On the other hand my painting can be enlightened with newly lit tea lights and decorate with assorted colored ornaments. I am realizing when change travels through the elements of my painting, life changes along with the people in my life. However when something in my life goes wrong or I make a mistake all it takes to fix it is persistence.

To add on I think that the most important part of my painting  is the people who contribute to it.  In my painting the person who contributes the most is my mom always there to help and sharing new ways of doing cool things. My dad contributes the second most to my painting he is always ready to have fun. This is important because I think a really big impact on my painting is my friends they are people I can really rely on.

Here’s one last thought to keep in mind, my painting is always growing and ready for more opinions and interest.  That’s what makes my life a painting!


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