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​A Surprise Visitor​
By Krsana Asnani


‘Ring! Ring!’ The telephone in the Baker residence rang.

“Hello,” I answered, yawning away. Alone at home, I  had fallen asleep on the couch while watching TV.

“Teddy Baker?” the voice asked.

“Um, ya,” I said. “This is Teddy Baker speaking.”

“I’m coming for you. I’ll be there in about 2 hours. You better have what I want or else.” I felt a shiver down my spine. “Don’t do anything that would annoy me. Remember, I’m watching you.”

“Who is speaking?” I  asked shivering along with my phone.

“Oh, I think you know who it is,” the man said and then hanged up.  I grabbed my pillow and held on to it as a comfort. ‘Who was that on the phone? And what do I have that he wanted?’


‘La la la,’ I walked into the house happily in my new dance uniform, after a great practice.  I heard Teddy screaming. I thought she was watching a scary movie.

Teddy popped up from behind the couch. I looked at the TV and it was off!

“Um are you alright?’ I asked my twin sister. I gave her my ‘what’s going on, is this serious?’ face. Teddy in return gave me her ‘yes this is serious, I’m not just crazy,’ face.

This is usually how we converse. We would only say a few words and that was it. We could understand each other’s thoughts. When we were young, mom always told us it was ‘twin telepathy'.  We thought it was cool but we never started reading each other’s thoughts until our eighth birthday.

Teddy then told me the incident about the threatening phone call from a stranger. We eventually decided on a plan of action.


I sat on the couch with the slingshot in my hands. A rock that I had found on the beach two weeks ago was loaded ready to sling at whoever attacked us.  Two hours passed and I could see Talia peaking from behind the couch, ready with the phone in one hand to dial the cops and dad’s driver golf club in the other in case of need.

I heard footsteps approaching.  I prepared my slingshot ready to shoot.  CRASH! I was too scared to look so I watched Talia do it instead. Through our special way of communicating, she gestured that someone was present. I looked straight at the stranger and let loose the stone.  KA-BAM!  He was on the floor before I knew it. Talia rushed over to him, his eyes were closed and it looked like he was dead. I checked his pulse.

“He is still breathing,” I sighed in relief.


“Damn it Teddy you almost killed the man,” I said.

“It’s OK!  He will wake up eventually from a shock.”

“Hope so! If he is not up in thirty minutes I’m calling the police. This is serious, no joke.” I watched my sister, looking pretty frightened. I got up, walked towards the couch with Teddy following. Suddenly a hand grabbed me.

“Teddy Baker?” I turned around. It was the stranger.
“I’m not Teddy. You’re mistaking me for my twin,” I yelled. I looked over at Teddy who was now picking up the rock she threw at him.
“Ya sure. Now where is it?” he asked.

“Where is what?” I asked him.

“Don’t act stupid with me. You know that I am talking about the rock. The one from the future that gives me all the powers in the world MWAHAHAHA.” I gave him one weird look and motioned to Teddy to help.


“Hey!” I yelled. “Is this the rock you’re looking for?”

“Ah so you weren’t lying about having a twin,” the ‘future’ man said. “Where did you find that? And why do you have it?”

“I dunno. I found it at the beach, just lying there.

“Give it to me.” Forcibly, he grabbed the rock from my hand with his magnetic force.  Soon the rock started to glow and a space ship appeared in the middle of the room.

“Whoa,” we both sisters said at the same time.

“Nice meeting you both,” the stranger said. And he disappeared in his little ship in no time.

“So what’s on TV?” Talia asked. And that’s how it always was when something happened. As soon as it’s over, it’s done with. I followed Talia, laughing a little bit.

“What?” She asked.

“Nothing” I told her still laughing and followed her to our couch and turned on the TV.


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