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Unconditional Love

by Chandroo D.

Haven't seen my number one grandson for some months, I called him up to see if he could join me for a Chinese lunch at a popular restaurant.

"Sorry grandpa, but I have football today and can only be through around 2.30 pm.  How about you come by and we can order in” he said.

"Sorry, too late for me, as I prefer a normal 1 pm lunch.  Rain check", I replied.

"How about early dinner, as I have school tomorrow morning?" He asked.

"Too early for me, as I prefer a G&T around 7pm and then dinner around eightish" I responded.

Sadly, meeting did not work out!  We both seem to be living in a different planet and time zone.


I miss this young baby number one grandson, who would cuddle up to me like a koala bear and wouldn't let me go.  I used to call him "Cling-on" as he always clung on to me.  Gone are those memorable days. 


Years ago, I would preplan an early morning weekend breakfast meeting around 9am with my first two granddaughters and the first grandson. I remember walking bravely early in the cold winter and rain through the empty park to a restaurant not too far from their place. We all used to look forward to the meeting.  Each child had a story or gossip to tell over breakfast and I would lend my ear eagerly.  Well this is not happening anymore, as they have grown up and a late sleep-in during weekends is more important than having breakfast with grandpa. Sad!


There was also a time, when I used to call up my youngest grandson and granddaughter in the morning after my usual walk during weekends and offered to bring them their favourite freshly baked warm croissants.  They loved it and looked forward to my call.  Time has changed these days and again not happening any more.  They simply put it off with…"not in a mood for croissants".  Wonder what happened? Wonder if they are being taught to eat healthy and avoid rich breakfast. 


The point is, it is not easy to spend quality time with each grandchild recently. One has a lot of homework to catch up on (future nerd), one has music lesson to practice (future Beethoven), one has horse riding lessons (future Equestrian), one has sailing (intend to join a Regatta) and one has to play football (future Ronaldo).  Phew! It was fun and enjoyable having to take care of grandchildren when they were young and see them grow right before my very eyes. Once they hit their teens, life style changes them completely and grandparents are not their main concern. We are second or perhaps never in their thoughts.  The only time they pamper me is when they need something from me.


When we do occasionally meet up as a family for lunch or dinner, their eyes are glued to their mobile phones and I have to nudge them to get their attention.


As I age, will they ever look up to me and take care of me when in need? I asked my younger ones if ever I tripped and fell and helpless, would they carry and lift me, just as I did when they were young? I got a dazed puzzled surprise look from them with an “Ugh?”.  Guess, I have to just sit still on the ground and hopefully wait for the ambulance to arrive. 


For all those new Grandparents, enjoy your grandchild's company as much as you can during their young days. Once they mature and head for school, you will loose the normal cuddly intimacy you had before.  Each child will have their own agenda and program to attend to.  As for me, no matter what, I will always offer them unconditional love. 

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