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Forwarding Remedies

by Chandroo D.

Are you aware that a cure for cancer, diabetes and heart disease has been discovered?  If you have not heard, then you are fortunate that no one has cared to forward you the unverified cures they themselves receive in a forwarded mail either in a WhatsApp message or Facebook.


It’s best to ignore such forwarded messages, because if a cure for cancer or any other disease is discovered it will be out in front pages of the daily paper or TV breaking news.


No Yoga or fasting is going to cure cancer. Drinking few glasses of water in the morning is also not going to cure diabetes.


Years ago, I overheard a clerk in the produce section of a supermarket telling a customer that it was well known that green peppers cure cancer, and that the drug companies were suppressing that knowledge to preserve their profits. Having recently lost a friend to cancer, I wanted to hit the clerk over the head with a french bread. I refrained, however.


I read this online, and it’s so true:

“Do not believe everything you read on the Internet.” -Abraham Lincoln


It feels that most of our friends are trying to save humanity by sharing easy remedies in the hope they work but shouldn't they verify it before forwarding and sharing unconfirmed remedies?  Suddenly everyone has become a medical expert.


I suggest Facebook and all type of messenger Apps require new customers to sign and date that they agree with a new law and refrain from forwarding unverified news, before they can get online. First violation would mean one has to be cut off from the App for a week. Second violation, a month. Three strikes and you’re out.


Until that happens and until they find a cure for the common cold, enjoy your life on day to day basis.

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