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Subject: Ya Lah!
Hey Chandroo! This is Kay from Dan Ryan's!  I've only managed to visit your website today, so sorry about the delay.  It was great to see you yesterday.  I've only read one of your articles so far, and that's Ya Lah!  I had a similar experience when I first arrived in Singapore, except the phrase of choice that ice-cream vendor auntie used on me was 'Can! Can!'.  I also found Singlish near impossible to understand back then, but of course that's changed since!  You're dead on that Singaporeans are obsessed with food and shopping.  It's funny that ten years after living in Singapore, I feel that this place, rather than Thailand, is my home now!
Love your writing Chandroo, it is concise and compact with a great sense of humour.
See you again soon at Dan Ryan's
Kay - Singapore 24/December 2009

Subject: Everything!
I loved your Observations and loved the Christmas Cheer. You are the Best and there is no one in the world to doubt that -- 3 Cheers for YOU _!!!!!
Heeru D. - Mumbai 23/December 2009

Subject: Christmas every day!
Very touching:) Something to treasure for lifetime:)
Children have grown beautifully.
Hinu Bhojwani - Taiwan 22/December 2009

Subject: Christmas every day!
Uncle that"s so beautiful....your grandchildren are truly blessed, they have a grandpa like you!!
Lots of love,
Varkha Alwani - Netherlands Antilles 21/December 2009

Subject: Christmas every day!
Melina Asnani - London 19/December 2009

Suject: Christmas every day!
Very nice
We seem to have a lot of artists in the family.
Naresh M. Asnani - Lagos 19/December 2009

Subject: Christmas every day!
Dear C.D.,
I watched the video. it was amazing!
Mona Chatlani - Mumbai 19/December2009

Subject: Christmas every day!
Hi Chandroo
This was so very beautiful and really heartwarming. If only all parents & grandparents were so sentimental & thoughtful.
Merry Christmas & A Very Healthy, Prosperous & Safe New Year to you, Lavinia and all the members of your beautiful family.
Love & God Bless
Marilyn - Perth 19/December 2009

Article Subject: Bread
Comments: My mother always told me to eat the crust of the bread if i want to have curly hair. I did end up with curly hair.
Chandroo you should have eaten the crusts....Hehe
Rod Smith - Perth 13/December 2009

Article Subject: Bread
Comments: I could imagine Lavina's expression when I read the article!  That was really funny.  I have to say that many children do not like the crusts.  Funnily it became of those things that I embraced in adulthood.  I think there is a "switch" for certain things such as crusts.  You hate it passionately as a child and one day the biological/ mental/ emotional/ switch ticks and your tastes change!
Betty Ng - New York 12/December 2009

Article Subject: Bread
Comments Funny....I cannot imagine to eat bread without the crust, which is the best part of the bread..!!!...
Francis Clement - France 12/December 2009

Re: Risk
You must know I love dogs, I think that story was very nice
Al Robles
Los Angeles 7/December/2009

You dont know me but I was told to go on this website. I just loved this article. I thought it was amazing. I love all your articles but this one was my favorite
Salandic Metena
London 12/November 2009

Dear Chandroo:
Hope all is well with you and Lachmi.
We will be in HongKong during November.
I hope that you and Lachmi will be in town.
We really enjoy reading your articles.
Thanks and regards to all.
Kenny and Gita
Los Angeles 30/October/2009

Dear Chandroo, I stumbled  upon  you  Rangoon  visit  description.  My Grand  father D.A Ahuja started  that  store in  early 1900.  I  have  not  been  able  to  click  on  photos. Can  you , if you dont  mind, email  those  photos  to  me, Thanks
Kishore Ahuja
New York 29/October/2009

Dear CD,
Re: Chip 'n Dale
I just read Melina's article, it is SO SWEET! I could picture all the scenes she described and could feel the joy in your family. What a wonderful family you have!
New York 23/October/2009

Dear Uncle,
the article on Grandpa was so sweet. the kids have really grown up.
Mumbai 21/October/2009

Dear Chandroo,

Thanks for the updates of the writers guild.
Isn't it just great being a grandparent!
I had a lovely relaxing time when my grandchildren spent some itme with us during the school holidays.  Wyatt who is  four can now play some of my favourite games and even Raistlin who is three can put together jigsaw puzzles.  Shardae prefers the computer and plays other games.  When Sherrece comes she spends time with Ron editing movies that she has made and tries to spend time with me by watching a movie together and chatting.  Ron took the two older boys fishing in the boat.  School reopens on Tuesday.  I have always looked forward to school holidays even when my own children were young.  I guess the children keep me young at heart.
Bye for now and take care.
Love, Hilda.
Perth 11/October/2009

Chandroo, so beautiful the piece your granddaughter wrote about you, you must be so proud :)
Adele Leung Taylor
Hong Kong 9/October/2009

Very well written Melina. Your grandpa is truly VERY VERY SPECIAL, and we all agree with you. You are indeed a very lucky child, your grandpa is so close to you....believe me not many children get to enjoy their grandparents, the way you have !!! God Bless You my child !!
Varkha Alwani
Netherlands Antilles 9/October/2009

Now that I too am a 'Grandpa'  a) I hope my little Grandaiughter Asha Isabella thinks well of me as she grows up.  b) I will tell her the 'Magic Pen Story', in my story telling episodes.
Cecil Wagstaff
Canberra 9/October/2009

Re: The Magic Pen
Lorraine, obviously did not have the opportunity of having Mrs. E.A.Evans & Miss I Rosair as her Teachers, perhaps ?......she would have loved her Subjects at school if she had, don't you agree?
Cecil Wagstaff
Canberra 9/October/2009

Pasham your article on Grandpa is so absolutely beautifully written..every thing you have said about him is soooooooo true. I could just picturise him with every sentence I read. Daddy is a very special person, and I am so glad you realise !! You could have chosen to write about anyone, but , yet you picked your grandfather....I hope someday someone will be so much in awe of me that he/she will write a beautiful article like the one you have written, about me too.......Please let it be before I kick the bucket though !!! Congratulations Pasham, you are a born writer...please submit more articles  .
Varkha Alwani
Netherlands Antilles 9/October/2009

Ya Lah.....Uncle, your article is well written,as always !! You are a born author..when are you going to write your first book ?? No, I am not joking !!!  You are the BEST!
Varkha Alwani
Netherlands Antilles 9/October/2009

I have been simply enjoying the South American stories as well as your newest one about Singapore, I feel like taking a trip to singapore la, sounds like a changed place, la. I think it is affecting me already. Hope aunty is doing well. Love to her!
Heeru Bhojwani
India 12/September/2009

Re: Ya lah!
Yes La - Written in true Malaysian Singaporean.
Like you I love that City.
My first-ever, visit there, however, was not the best – I landed there on a flight from Bangkok (1964),
The Commander of the flight (Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd.) had just announced that a 22Hours Curfew had been placed on the City.
Passengers were escorted by armed guards protection and we spent the night at the Raffles Hotel – the original Raffles.
I could only phone and speak to my Girl friend of the time, who lived in Geylang District, one of the worst effected areas, that night. I was originally supposed to have spent three days in Singapore, but chose to leave on the first available flight
Those who wished to leave the City of Singapore were escorted back to the airport (Paye Lebar, in those days, not Changi International Airport, and on to our selected flights, the first thing, the next morning.
I flew to Hong Kong where Typhoon Ruby had just passed through wreaking havoc on certain parts of the city………………..and to surprise and my great happiness, I unexpectedly met two long lost friends,  Chandroo Gopaldas Daryanani & Capt Cyril Dawson, on the steps of Mirador Arcade, only because the lifts wee not working after Typhoon Ruby’s activity.
They say God & fate, work in Mysterious ways. Had this sequence of events not happened, I would never have been reunited with Chandroo & Cyril, both of whom I am in contact to this day….Abso............ ‘Bloody, lutely..... Fantaaaastic – La.
Needless to say, La’ ,I have been to that City at least once or twice a year regularly, after 1964, more than to any other city in my many travels around the world, to date, La
Canberra 4/September/09

Re: Ya lah!
Hi Chandroo my dear friend of days gone by, and yes ! those were good days although sometimes tough.

I just wanted to say I enjoyed your article Ya Lah, it brought back so many found memories of my school days in Singapore, In fact I was still in S'pore the day she was removed from the federation(thry called it separation, where in actual fact, S'pore was cut off, hoping it will face a slow death) opps let me not venture any further as I do not want to tread into politics.

Any case I left S'pore same day LKY gave a speach and started to weep on TV and headed for HKG where I lived for eighteen years( I bet you would not want me to comment on our HKG days- Ha Ha Ha just kidding- no can do like that one lah) ans a few other places in between before settling in Amman Jordan for nearly eaight years and now in Kuala Lumpur since 2002. in all that years livein different cultures the Singlish never left my system, to the amazement of my Malaysian friends I sometimes still chatter of like an old timer from S'pore.
Kuala Lumpur 4/September/09

Re: Ya lah!
Dubai 4/September/09

Re: Ya lah!
I love the humor, absolutely great!
Hong Kong 4/September/09

Dear Chandroo,
It is so beautiful for you to offer this platform to transform the abstract into reality.  Writing is such healing, thank you for honoring that in all of us.
With love,
Hong Kong 25/August/09

Re: My Grandfather, my mentor
Our Parents ,  and Grandparents are often those from whom we draw our inspiration.
Cecil Wagstaff
Canberra 20/August/09

Dear Uncle,
Re: Article 'Children'
Most touching and what a broad and encompassing way of looking at life. 
Thank you for sharing
With love to you and aunty
Mumbai 19/August/09

Thanks for the interesting articles on you web site.
Hoosain Ariff

Dear Chandroo,

I feel deeply blessed to be able to share myself, be it through writing or otherwise, service is always my devotion. I have come to be tremendously grateful to all the experiences in my life, and all that will come.  I know by experiencing them myself first hand, I can share it with much more heart, to anyone who may have similar experiences.

Remember we went to that nunnery in Arequipa?  I have been there twice, and every time I felt, if I could follow a path of devotion to God without the imprisonment of the mind and the body, how awesome would that be?

So, I guess, I am living a life with all its freedom but also with the utter most devotion.  I believe that can be a partnership :)

What I wish to express is thank you for your resonance to these words and experiences.  It is my honor to share them with your readers, and any other readers who may require these words.  Words are energy, the words themselves are not the most important, it is the energy translated through the words which are speaking to the hearts of people.  And this is the way I would like to continue to speak, from my heart to the hearts of the world.

Much blessings and joy,
Hong Kong 11/August/09

Hi Chandroo
Really nice to see your new website,keep it up and be in touch
Bst rgds
Aju Samtani
Las Palmas 11/August/09

Dear Chandroo,

Thanks for visiting my website, I am glad you enjoyed it and invited me to share it with your readers. When I started writing my travelogue on Peru I had intended to set up a blog. But a travelogue has a finite life, and when it is finished the blog would cease to maintain and attract readers, it would resemble an abandoned child, orphaned in cyberspace. As the mother of these compositions I feel the need to provide a better home for them, hence the idea of my personal webpage germinated. 

As I developed the site I began thinking of my old writings, my “other children”.  Some of them were published in print, others online. Perhaps these “adults” (the ones in print) and other forgotten children (online) could use a shelter, too. My project therefore evolved into a library of my past writings in addition to being a platform to share my current work. 

I have visited around thirty countries but it wasn’t until I went to Peru that I developed a love affair with my camera. In response to our dear leader Sandra’s request of gifting other tour members a little something I decided to snap portraits for each person. That, in addition to the magnificent beauty in Peru, sparked my torrid romance with my Nikon. I was pleased by the reception these photos have received, that’s why I am including them and other past photos on the site, and I will continue to organize and upload more photos from previous trips.



This shelter will continue to evolve. I will be adding new entries, sections, photos, blogs, and perhaps audios and videos. I hope it will not only be a display platform but also an interactive forum, though that will require my busy and shy readers around the world to comment in the open rather than simply writing me directly! In any case, I love and enjoy this project, it inspires and motivates me to write more often, and if I have an appreciative audience, it will be my best reward! 

Warmest regards,

Dear Uncle,
How are you? Hope u know me (Manu's daughter).
Just got ur email id thru mom. I would realy love to get updates from you as u send everyone on my email.  Its always a pleasure to hear from you. Really admire the way you keep in touch with the entire family.
Definitely miss the family website.
Take care,
Please be in touch.
Love and Luck,
Geeta Khiani
Surinam 24/July/2009

Hi Chandroo

Thanks a lot for such lovely journal. That will remind me how beautiful Peru trip was simply because group of people.   Please give my regard to Lavina.

With regards
California 5/July/2009

Hi Chandroo...I finally got round to reading your biography on Peru...Fabulous job me dear.
We miss you...your missing out on the process.....take care and thanks it was very good!
Love Katrina x
Dubai 4/July/2009

Dear Chandroo,
Thanks for the story,  I just finished reading now.
Very interesting trip in such a different world and atmosphere.  And especially for Dhanesh and his Wife, who are living in Dubai, one of the world most "artificial" city. What a contrast .
I had a schedule  to go there in 1977 and to  travel from Lima to Rio by trains and buses through Peru, Bolivia and Brazil,  but due to a charter company which went to bankruptcy, the first part of the trip was cancelled and  I went only to Brazil.
Best Regards.
Cannes 28/June/2009

Hello Chandroo!
Thank you for sending this to us.  It was so nice to read of the good times we shared in Peru!  You really impressed me with your ascent on Machu Picchu to Dhanese and Sunitas ceremony.  I thought I wouldn't be able to make it!

I am also writing up my experience from the trip but it's taking much longer because there are lots of distractions and I was wavered for a while on how to write it.  I finally got it started and am making some progress.  Way to go!

Hope you are enjoying summer in HK (it's hard!), and please my share of wonton noodles for me... :)
New York 27/June/2009

Dhanesh T
Dubai 21/June/2009

Dear Chandroo,

Happy to hear you had a nice trip to Peru.
As Lavina is interested in things spritual, did you know that shamans exist in Finland too? The northern part of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia is known as Lapland. The indigenous people there are known as Sami (or Lapps). Sami shamans are an important part of their traditional culture, though I suspect that not many remain as most of them have converted to Christianity.

Greetings to Lavina!
Henry Konsen
London 20/June/2009

Hey uncle and aunty...amazing article...great pics...some day i hv to visit Machu Pichu too...loves to the family.
St. Thomas 20/June 2009

Dear Chandroo & Lavina,
It is always pleasant to read your messages and am so glad to hear that you have enjoyed your trip to Peru.  It is also a blessing to have friends like you, who would share your joys with us.  Are you ever planning to come to visit Guam again?

Luz & Willy Watson
Guam  19/June/2009

Hi Chandroo - the article you wrote about your trip to Peru was very detailed and interesting and the pictures were great.  Kevin's father was a renowned archeologist in Texas and Kevin's educational background is in anthropology so he was familiar with all those sites that you visited and enjoyed the article as well.  Just wanted to let you know.  Take care my friend and all the best.
Chiang Mai 18/June/2009

Darling Chandroo and Lavina,
You are just the most beautiful couple...
I felt most touched when Raul presented some gifts to you after Dhanesh and Sunita's parents have been married for 40 years, throughout the trip I feel you are like my father.  Especially when you gave me tissues while I couldn't stop the flow of tears during the last ceremony in Cusco before we left.

And every time I witness you in a ceremony, my heart opens, and laughter and tears come together at the same time.  You are so divinely guided in your journey, and because you do not put attachments on it, you are full of insights and wisdom, only you have to believe.  Your humor and love for Lavina is so beautiful to witness.  I am most honored to have known you and have witnessed your spirit, which is pure joy.

Thank you for sharing this article with us.  You have helped me tremendously with the remembrance of the practical facts and data I have lost in my experiences.  And it is most true, we are one, everyone of us is special, and we all exist with our own special purpose.
p.s. and there is no magic in calling the condors, when we become one with everything, we are the condor, we are the sun, the wind, the rain...

Send my love to Lavina.
With deep gratitude and love,
Hong Kong 17/June/2009

Great article (conversation with a raven), loved the conclusion….and yes. As you indicate in the content, so eloquently, albeit subtly , there is so much we can learn from our feathered friends, and their simple needs.
Canberra 14/Feb/2009

Dear Uncle,
I loved the new look and the Bangra Hero!! Bangra Man saves our day...
Heeru D
Mumbai 10/Feb/2009

I read 'My Inning'. It was excellant!!!! I really enjoyed myself and am proud of my son, Laxman.
Neeta Samtani
Abidjan 1/Feb/2009

Hi Chandroo,
Very nice writing (My inning), I enjoyed that.
Al Robles
L. Angeles 29/Jan/2009

Dear Chandroo
Read with interest the Entry ‘My Inning’ and it can be extremely motivational to whoever reads it.
Cecil Wagstaff
Canberra 29/Jan/2009

Oh! I loved the dream of Cecil. Yes, time for us to make our travelling trips come true.
Mumbai 11/Jan/2009

Thank you all for your kind comments, but I can assure you I am 'No Angel', more a Shaitan

Impetuous,perhaps yes, try and be of assistance when someone is in need of help, yes, keep my word honouring my commitments at all costs, yes, but 'an Angel' definitely not !!!!
Sincerely, Cecil
Canberra 9/Jan/2009

Cecil is really an angel. should have more like him. Loved his article.
Lavina D
Hong Kong 5/Jan/2009

Well done, Krsana loved all your articles. Keep it up!
Hong Kong 5/Jan/2009

Hi Uncle,
What a beautiful story ....I cannot imagine this can really happen. Cecil's got to be very very special to have taken it upon himself,to fly the infant to her parents. I wish there were more people like him {and like you too} in this world.

We all love your site, though we may not let you know as often. Trust me uncle my whole family gets to read every article as soon as it's posted. I have encouraged my daughter in law Reyana to write something too....she is very good with words!!

A very Happy and Prosperous New Year to the family....which reminds me....I thoroughly enjoyed that article on your grandchildren. Please don't ever are so good at whatever you are doing.
Lots of love,
Laju {Varkha}
St. Maarten 5/Jan/2009

Hi Uncle Chandroo,
A very interesting and touching story by Cecil Wagstaff.
Best regards,
Maya Shahani
Bahrain 4/Jan/2009

Hi Chandroo,
Cecil may not remember me,,but i do..His article is really nice and has touched my experience of a lifetime..
yours till it rains chocolate drops:)
Taiwan 4/Jan/09

Dear Uncle,
That was more than a story -- it was heart wrenching, amazing, miracles happen all the time -- how god exists in all human beings and not up in the heavens.
Thank you for sharing the story.
Heeru Bhojwani

Mumbai 4/Jan/09



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