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​Subject:  Subject Burma
Dear Chandroo, I read you visit to Yahgoon with intest, next weekdec 17 I will be Burma for 4 days, and would like to meet Mr Ahuja there , do you have any info oon how to meet him in Yangoon?


Paramus/USA 13/December/2012

Subject: nostalgic trip:)

A beautiful article that brought back all the memories  :)) I agree with you 100% the warmth that was then,made us what we are :))​


Taiwan 17/November/2012

Subject: A Diverse Childhood

Dear Chandroo
Thanks for sharing this New Article. I enjoyed reading your last article about visiting India. This latest article about "A Diverse Childhood" reminds me of my own childhood days in Prome Road, although not residing in the city we also have fond memories of cycling down from Prome Road to Halpin Road with my friends after office hours. We always made sure at that time that the Koolfi Man (Indian Ice-cream) seller would pass us and we will stop him and buy some delicious Koolfi on the road side. What beautiful memories even though they were simple ones never to be forgotten.
Warmest wishes

Perth 15/November/2012

Subject: A Diverse Childhood

Your childhood indeed left an indelible mark in your life. Not very long ago, my childhood too was filled interaction with people from different ethnicities. My parents being liberal allowed us free thoughts and like you, we mingled and enjoyed the variety of cultural celebration. Now, I wonder where all the tolerance and the so-called feeling of goodwill and appreciation of variety have gone! India being a land of tolerance, brotherhood and peace, people have become so rigid in their beliefs, I wonder what is driving them to such a narrow approach: is it greed, power or self worth?


Mumbai 15/November/2012

Subject:  "Revisiting India"

Your article has also sparked a reminder that not only our lives are transitory but it is also so very fragile.....hanging on a single breath from the day of birth to the day we depart from this earth. Thank you dear friend for this beautiful article which I am sure has got quite a few folks like me thinking and reflecting about their own lives.

Nargis Kelley

Chiang Mai 14/November/2012

Subject: Revisiting India

Thank you for coming bacm to Bombay and making it special for us too. Like aunty said, the jinx is broken and that you'll be here again Mumbai soon. C u again in 2013​


Mumbai 8/November/2012

Subject: Your recent visit to India

Hi Chandroo What a lovely reading, it was a sad trip but also joyful to see and catch up with next generaiton relatives. You wrote so beautifully, I felt as if I'm watching the movie. Thanks for sharing. Hope all is well with you and Lavinia.

With metta Margaret

Perth 8/November/2012

Subject: Revisiting India

Thank you dear Chandroo for sharing your passion of writing with us. You do it really well.

Give my love to Lavena
Continue your happy travelings


Dear Chandroo,
My friend, who lives in Singapore also, runs through the Botanical Gardens every morning. I daresay you may have encountered one another at that early hour!.  I very much enjoyed your evocative piece on this place, and am primed to have a look when next in Singapore!

Best, David.

Geneva 23/July 2012

Hi Chandroo,

Never thought Singapore Botanic Garden can be so beautiful & picturesque until I saw your e-mail. ' A walk in the Park '.
Perhaps on my next trip to Singapore - I will find time to spend few hours in Botanic Garden.
Thanks/Regards Lachu

Hong Kong 23/July 2012

Subject: Uninvited Guest

​Hi Chandroo Put a smile on my face after reading your story. Thanks for sharing.

Regards Margaret

Perth 14/July 2012

Subject: An uninvited guest

Hi mr chandroo Yr story regd the Vietnamese holiday villa n yr experience with the "frog" was too cute Keep up the witty stories My glad yr wife didn't have to deal with another "prince" in her life although I doubt she would have traded u in :)

Best regards Prem

Singapore 14/July 2012

Subject: We are running out of time.

Amazing Chandroo, your grandson Naveer (9 Years Old) is already following your foot steps to be a writer like you. Short, sweet & full of meaning article - it is one minute in one's life that makes a big difference. Let's ponder on that. Please convey my heartiest congratulations to Naveer for a meaningful article.

Warm Regards Lachu Balani

Hong Kong 3/July 2012


Subject: Ah.. hair today, gone tomorrow

Nice article along with a positive note!

Maya Shahani

Bahrain 26/June 2012

Subject: Why visit Mumbai?

Hi Uncle

Good article from Heeru and yes I do believe time does move quick and I do agree in Mumbai you do have family that still waits to see you, Visit them and you will see a glow in their eyes.
Take care and see you soon
Hong Kong 19/June 2012

Subject: Fast & Furious
Hi Chandroo,
Really enjoyed the fast and furious. The web site is fantastic mate...Well done.
Perth 15/June/2012

Subject: Fast and Furious
What a beautiful scene of Jakarta you have weaved together. Although I lived in Jakarta for a short while, the very distinct experiences of food and places are imprinted in my mind. Thank you Leesha! for weaving Jakarta together and bringing back some happy memories for me.

Heeru Bhojwani

Mumbai 14/June/2012

Subject: Return to Rangoon

It was wonderful reading your experience .I am hoping that you can shed some light on my  grandfather who owned a medical shop in mogul street. his name was mohanasundaram. a family friend visited Rangoon recently and told us that the building which housed the medical shop is painted yellow. my grandfather died of heart attack when the military seized his shop.his last trip to india was in 1962 for my mom's wedding.he never came back. can you pls let me know whether you know of him or get some information about his last hours. if you are unable to , its not a problem. thank  you for sharing hour made me think of thankyou.


Chennai India 9/June/2012

Dear Chandroo, Your article on "Silence is Golden is utterly absorbing. As it is said by Swami Chinmayananda "The highest form of grace is Silence" And "Appreciating the mind, as all silence I am, is meditation.

Lachu Balani

Hong Kong 25/May/2012

Your article on "Weather" brought something to mind which happened years ago but made a great impact on me. Almost twenty years ago I met a young Taiwanese girl freshly arrived in San Francisco from Taipei. As you know the weather in San Francisco, although pleasantly cool, is rainy and foggy all year round. I was just visiting my mother and brother from Texas at that time and wherever I went the first thing people would remark would be the weather...."it has been raining all day/week", "it is going to rain today", "the fog is rolling in", "it has been so foggy"....etc. This young Taiwanese girl was visiting my brother's home with her new American husband and was sitting quietly while the husband and the rest of the folks were holding an animated discussion about something or the other. I felt like someone ought to be socializing with her and make her feel at home so I went and sat next to her on the couch and, of course, the first thing that came to my mind was the weather so I asked her what she thought of the wet and dreary San Francisco weather. She looked directly into my eyes and said..."the weather, it's okay...can I change it if I don't like it...I cannot... so therefore it does not bother me. It does what it is supposed to do and I carry on doing what I am supposed to do". I did not know what to say after that and realized what a profound statement that was....since then I have tried to stop complaining about the weather. It will come and go as nature demands it and I have to keep on doing whatever I can to live with it.

Nargis Kelley

Chiang Mai 18/May/2012

Subject: Silence is Golden
I think i am going to give it a silent thought maybe try it for 1/2 a day before i make the brave attempt for the whole day. Did you succeed a whole day???? Uncle, the html code that you changed worked well on my tablet, except for some dancing of the pictures so maybe it was my cursor, will try again soon. Hope you had a noisy Birthday and not a silent one.
Heeru Daryanani

Mumbai 15/April/2012

Article: Silence is Golden

​Dearest Uncle Chandroo,
Superb article... its so true, we can never be silent no matter what???

Maya Shahani 14/April/2012

Article: Silence is Golden

​Nice one.  Food for thought!

Naresh M. Asnani

Lagos 14/April/2012

​Hope you are fine along with the family. Its been sometime you visted Canary Islands and we had the pleasure to meet. Your website is good, few people have the talent to do it. Keep it up always, so we can brouse few moments of memories.

Regards Ken & dipa.

Las Palmas 7/April/2012



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