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In Box 2017

Name: Rita Payette

Subject: Forwarding Remedies

Message: So true Uncle. Its is getting ridiculously annoying now.


Name: Nargis Kelley

Subject: Forwarding remedies

Message: You hit the nail on the head Chandroo....I am so tired of receiving this "cure for all" as well as other unverified postings on FB and other social media. You'd be surprised to know that I've even seen some doctors posting these so called is sad.​


Name: Sue Martin​

Subject: transportation

Message: I had to laugh thinking back. I was raised on a goat farm. I had to help with the chores before school and then put a bridle on my horse named Calico and rode off to school. In the winter we walked a quarter of a mile and a school bus picked us up. Times have really changed but I still walk or bike many places.


Name: Charles Gopal

Subject: Mode of transport

Message: Great job that you have done, Chandroo, with he progression you have had from the horse carriage to the present day automobile with the automatic gears.  Your article helped me travel down the same 'memory lane' in the same modes of transport except for the mo'bike.  Thank you for reviving those good memories.


Name: Charlotte

Subject: Mode of transport

Message: Hi Mr Chandroo. Nowadays carriage is my favourite.. in my young age, I didn't have a chance to ride .  Luckily, I can ride today..v interesting to connect human, animal n nature altogether ... ha...ha..  Have a nice weekend.


Name: Bobby

Subject: Mode of transport

Message: You had the best of it all.  We miss the horse and carriage that carried you to school!


Name: Hinu Bhojwani

Subject: Mode of transport

Message: Brought back memories, specially the Vauxhall car.


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