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Subject: Tejoomal House

Hello, I was very happy to come across your blog entry where you returned to Rangoon. I am involved in the art field and heritage movement there, so you can imagine how interested I was in your descriptions and memories, especially about what they mean to you today. I noticed that you mentioned Tejoomal House. It has been hard to get information about it, or photographs of it, though what there is about Tejoomal is very interesting. Even basic information like what year it was built is hard to find. Burmese think that it is T. E. Jumal, or T. Juma, which makes finding information all the more difficult. Could you share more information about this grand building in the heart of the city? We have a weekly, Pansodan Art & Culture Journal in which we just published an article about it, but I am not satisfied with the quality and accuracy. I would like to publish more, and also share it with the Yangon Heritage Society. best wishes, and thanks for your writings.

Nance Cunningham



Subject: Lovely message to your friend
That was a really nice message you wrote about your friend. May his soul RIP...

Audrey Pereira


Subject: Letter to your grandchildren
A sweet letter not only to your grandchildren but something to remind us me in our lives journey. LIve your dream as we have only one life... I like what you said, never say : I wish i had or Only if I had.... Wishing you and aunty a wonderful Diwali.

Heeru D

Mumbai 18/October/2013


Subject: same emotions
I also visited rangoon after 60 years. I also met Mr Ahuja who was our family photographer.I went through memory lane with my husband and son . we live in India.

with affections . Neelam

India 16/October/2013


Subject: Pearls of Wisdom
Great and Thoughtful Words of Wisdom (for their Future) from A Great GrandPA !!
Bhagwan Chugani

Hong Kong 15/October/2013

Subject: Letter to your Grandchildren

Thanks for your note.

Nice rules  of life for your Grandchildren, but  also   good reminder  for all of us.

Best Regards.


Japan 15/October/2013


Subject: Letter to your Grand Children
Very beautifully written to the point, a real lesson for all Grand Parents and Grand Children.keep it up.Best wishes!

Sincerely,  Amin

Karachi 15/October/2013


Subject: grandkids
Very touching and true.


Chicago 15/October/2013


Subjec: Letter to your Grandchildren

Wonderful & very touching.  Message applies to us as well.

Naresh M. Asnani

Lagos 14/October/2013


Subject: rangoon vist
Very pleased to read about Rangoon visit after 40 years i left Rangoon in 1964
Thank you!


USA 17/September/2013


Subject: Cool Coolie

Dear Chandroo

As usual your articles are always worth reading,and have a hidden meaning. How true that most people in their life carry, unnecessary burden when they travel.

Life is very complicated. Don't try to find answers,because when you find answers life changes the questions.

With best Regards

Lachu Balani

Hong Kong 31/August/2013


Subject: Cool Coolie






Hong Kong 29/August/2013


Subject: Cool coolie
A very obedient Ramu Kaka! This shows hom much he loves his wife and how much he cares for her. I wish him and others like him Happiness al way generation to generation.Good Luck!

Muhammad Amin Gaziani
Karachi 27/August/2013

Subject: Return to Rangoon

Dear Chandroo,

Since you mentioned MEHS I thought that you would rather be knowing my uncles who also were there around the same time in MEHS

On the other hand the old guy whom you met happens to be my grandpa.  I am here today visiting him back after a long gap how ever my grandpa is now very old and bed ridden.  Whilst the studio is no longer in action as I can't be here with him for good.

While going through your write up I could sense the your feelings in every sense in each sentence .  As I can relate your saga with me and my family members.  Will share more after my visit 

Cheers, Harry Ahuja

India 17/July/2013


Subject: heart attack 
I think we are all now on " Heart Alert" Exercise, rest and a balanced lifestyle is what we need. We all get so busy in our lives that this is a great reminder for us to pause, reflect and find time to smell the roses!

Thank You Love Heeru

Mumbai 29/June/2013


Subject: Heart Attack Symptons
Dear Chandroo Thanks for sharing this article. As Errol also had the similar issues 11years ago it is a good reminder to keep your symptons aware of all time and check it out if any symptons occur. Looking forward to catch up with you on your next visit to Perth. Regards Margaret
Perth 23/June/2013

Wonders of 70 was interesting, Trying to live it at 50.
​Heeru Bhojwani

Mumbai 12/May/2013

Re: 70

Dear Chandroo,

Thanks for your article,  which  I  am reading with much interest,  since I  am  only   a few  years behind you..!!..

Have a good week-end.


Japan 9/May/2013

Subject: 70

Well said Chandroo . Being only 2 yrs behind you i appreciate your comments from the heart . Fun is just the best thing keep having fun my friend.


Perth 9/May/2013

Subject: Wonders of being 70​

Dear septuagenarian CD, I'll be your mirror image in 53 days. Charlie Chaplin and Tony Randall became fathers when they were 78, Pres. Bush, Sr. did parachute jump at age 80. We have a lot to look forward to. At our age we don't get blame for any wrong we do. Hummm (I love that one). Have Great Seventies and Greater Eighties. Enjoyed your Birthday Bash pics. What a Happy family. CONGRATS. RICK

Hong Kong 8/May/2013

Subject: Wonders of being 70

Chandroo, your article has brought back so many memories to the foreground...of days gone by and of present times. Like you said, what is to come is really not our problem...enjoy each moment and each day as it unfolds for HE who has held our hand for this long (69 years for me) will surely continue to hold our hands until time is no more for us. My sincere wishes are for you to continue enjoying life with your beautiful family, good friends, good food and always with a smile on your face.


Chiang Mai 8/May 2013

Thanks for sharing.I have one year to go.and am that other delightful number 69 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Canberra 8/May/2013

Subject: 70th Birthday Bash


Hi Chandroo,

Happy belated birthday!! I hope all is well with you and the family.

It's nice to hear you had a wonderful time celebrating your birthday in Mauritius.

Kenny Keswani

L. Angeles 6/May/2013

Dear Chandroo,
Finally got a chance to see your video on this public holiday. Great Job! Looks like you all had a blast, and you deserve it.
You all look great. All the best, keep it up!
Best Regards

Hong Kong 1/May/2013

Dear Bhau Chandroo n Aunt Lavina Great to see u celebrated yr 70th bday with yr loved ones... Im glad you promote family values .... N put lots of emphasis in spending time with them... As u aptly said... when one looks backs on ones journey..its time spent with them that matters! God bless n happy bday Cheers to yr good health always

Thank you!

Prem & Naina

Singapore  26/April/2013

Dear Chandroo,
Many thanks for sending the pictures of your 70th birthday bash.  So glad you celebrated in style with all your family and friends.  Wishing you a wonderful 70th year and many more happy times in the years to come!
With all our best wishes
Belinda and Peter

Singapore 26/April 2013

Great party great photos Chandroo …what a wonderful family gathering  . I admire the way you and Lavina foster strong family ties ,helping and keeping family together .

Thanks for sharing .


Perth 26/April 2013

Wow what an amazing celebration!!!! Thank you for sharing…

Safe travels and see you soon.
Love and regards

Hong Kong 26/April/2013

Nice one Uncle - feel like I was there with you :)

Neelem Parmar

London 26/April/2013

Extremely Nice Video.  Watching it really made me miss everyone
Naresh M. Asnani

Lagos 25/April/2013

Really nice slideshow uncle!
Loved the comments!

Thanks for sharing


Hong Kong 25/April/2013

Hi Chandroo,

belated  happy 70th birthday,i see that you had a bash with the family in Mauritius,great I am glad that you are now enjoying the children and grandchildren,thats the way it should be after 60s.

Suresh Kewalramani

Mumbai 25/April/2013​

Hi Chandroo
Firstly a very very belated birthday wish with the best of health & many many more years.
Thank you for the video which was most enjoyable. It is always lovely to celebrate with family & relatives - wonderful.
Take care & please pass my regards to Lavina.
Cheers & God Bless

Perth 25/April/2013

Fabulous movie! what a party! i'm so glad you had a great time and good memories that will last forever.
with love


Mumbai 25/April/2013

Hi Chandroo,
Many happy returns. Great pictures.
I will drink a very large gin and tonic tonight in your honour.
Very best wishes
Mike Foreman

Portugal 25/April/2013

Dear Chandroo,

I had every good intention of wishing you on your birthday but forgot to look in my birthday book. It was on the 3rd. April, am I right.   I missed a few other friends birthdays as well. 


I haven't looked at the video yet but I am very glad to hear that all went as you hoped and planned with all your extended families.

We get older but I think to our friends especially we don't age.

Take care and love to Lavina.

Love,  Hilda
Perth 25/April/2013

Good Morning Chandroo:

First of all thank you for sharing your precious moments of your "Yaadon ki Baraat" with us, and I must say you are one hell of a good Grand-Pa and  the way you have invited all your near and dear ones can be clearly seen on the video.

I have always admired your clips and the ones quoted in your video like "Glad you came" "Cool Cousins" "We will dance for you" "Babe Watch" "The Water Kids" all having fun with the SUN, SAND and SEA at Mauritius.  It is a Great Way to enjoy life at 70, soon I will catch up with you...Ha Ha!

You are 70 and you have a heart of GOLD ! Keep it that way!
Enjoy your "Beautiful Moments" my friend and may God bless you and give you Robust health to FLY another 30 years we will see you at 100 years celebration!

Hong Kong 25/April 2013

Dear  Chandroo,

Happy  Birthday and  thanks for your message  and  video.
You  are  always  young at  heart  and  mind.
I agree  with you about  time which  is going always faster.
I  imagine  you  had  a wonderful time  in Mauritius with all your Family  around  you.

I  shall go to Singapore and Hong-Kong around  may 15th.  I  shall check on SKYPE  if  you  are  there.
It seems that actually  you are still in London.

Cheers. Francis

Japan 25/April/2013

Congratulations.and God Bless



Canberra 25/April/2013

Hi Uncle!

Superb video!!!!  Great pictures too.  My favourite picture would certainly be “You and your gals”J
Have a great day!
With loves
Rita Payette

Melbourne 25/April/2013

dear chandroo

thks fr sharing with us and once again congrats the video clip was amazing glad to hear youll had a great time
keep up the spirit
bst rgds aju

Las Palmas 24/April/2013

Hi chandroo,

Wishing you a very very happy birthday, with many more to come.
It was a lovely video of the celebrations. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Our best wishes for you and your family.

Take care, God Bless.

Meena and Ashok

India 24/April/2013

Hi Chandroo,

Happy Birthday young man, I have been waiting for you in the 70s for almost 3 years !
Welcome ...
Your right if you can walk and mice like us it's not bad at all .
I wish I could I D all but some of your family I recognize, your wif and son don't change at all they also like you all look great .

Al , Mary, Deb, David, Matt, Tyler

Los Angeles 24/April/2013



Dear bhau

Wowwwww what photos, video was tooooo good

Really feeling bad we missed it.... You all had a fabulousssss time ...

When you back bhau ,,pls  do meet us So we can catch up for a small birthday bash just us ... Pleaseeee

Loves Jyoti

Hong Kong 24/April/2013

Fantastic Uncle! Lovely memories!!

Karishma D.

Hong Kong 24/April/2013

Hi uncle. Loved the video. Every memory there to cherish forever. Thanx for inviting us to share your birthday with you. Love you always.. Shanu

Mumbai 24/April/2013



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