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In Box 2008

Anchor 2008

Hi grandpa,
Love ur new clip. Can u update my site pls?
U can put the snowy diwali pics on it especially the ones of us in the snow.
Pls let me know when it is done so I can tell my friends.
London 14/Nov/08

I LOVE IT!!! I thought the interview is so complete - nice to know you now :)
By the way, I have just been selected at the University to do my PhD - basically on scholarship! So, in three years time, i will be Dr. Neelam Parmar!  I hope to fulfill your last question - Go for what you want and enjoy it!
I think we all ought to write interview for ourselves :)
London 26/October/08

Heyyyy...awesome interview...gr8 thinkin :))))...hows aunty...loves to all the family
St. Thomas 26/October/08

Uncle Chandroo, the self interview is a great read...very insightful.
luvs Manoj
Abidjan 26/October/08

Hi grandpa! Love your site - so tell me how come you haven’t updated my site and can you remove the story of the magic pen from your site and replace it with my other newsletter called complicated moves. Bye!
PS:  Don’t forget to update my site
Krsana Asnani
London 14th/August/08

Dear Chandroo,
It is always a pleasure to read your stories, which are full of wisdom and remind us of simple but important things of life.
Best Regards.
Cannes 4/August/08

The grandchildren are sooooooo cute.....adorable !! I enjoyed all the pictures. Seems like you had a great vacation and the children truly had a blast!!
Varkha Alwani
St. Maarten 3/August/08

What a lovely 26 clips of pictures! I can see the happiness and joy of life, playing with grandchildren. That is Chandroo and family - around the world, where are these pictures taken from?
Hunter Lee
Sydney 2/August/08

Great pictures, the persons have changed but the faces of the children are like carbon copy of the faces of your son and daughter when they were young.  By the way a great web site.
Cheers & a Big God Bless to all loved ones at home.
Cyril Dawson
Kuala Lumpur 2/August/08

Hi uncle,
Very glad to have you back…really missed your web site…your inspiring articles...great!!!
Shanu Hathiramani
Mumbai 21/July/08

Dad what a beautiful site!!!!!!!!!! Once again you have out done yourself!
Hong Kong 21/July/08

Re: Fearless Voice
AMAZING....I must admit, anything and ANYTHING about Burma, brings back the nostalgic feeling...and this is truly FANTASTIC..
yours till it rains chocolate drops:)
Taiwan 6/July/08

Welcome back!  Loved Sunita's article.
Lavina D
Hong Kong 19/June/08

Hi Uncle Chandroo,
I am glad you have your web site again. I am just sorting all my pics and have got a few of us together in Australia to send to you soon.
Oh yes it very Sharp looking. I shall get some tips from you.
Ron from down under
Ron and HIlda Soord
Perth 18/June/08

Sanjay Daryanani
Barcelona 17/June/08

Hi Chandroo, great site and the article'The Diminishing Generation was well written, so true, times have changed, hopefully for the better. Keep up the good work.
Cheers Cyril Dawson
K.Lumpur 17/June/08

The website is very elegant looking.
Heru Daryanani
Mumbai 11/June/08

Dear Uncle Chandroo
Good to have you back, The new site looks great!
Lvs Sirisha n Manoj
Abidjan 9/June/08

Thanks so much Uncle for the beautiful write up on dad. You are so right in saying...actually you are so right in saying everything is all so accurate. My dad taught me too to say Thank You, Please and Sorry when I was very very young.I remember so well how he came home for lunch one day when I must  have been barely six maybe and he stood behind me , held my little hands then and taught me to use the spoon and fork when eating and other table manners.
Thank you uncle for making us realise all his great know human nature !! We tend to take things for granted sometimes. My children adore him and till today follow his system of filing and accounting. My dad is truly a gem.
Once again uncle thanks a ton for the great write up on my GREAT FATHER
Varkha Alwani
St. Maartin  2/June/08

Wowwwwwww....that was genuine...really superb....keep up the good wk...loves to aunty and the family
St. Thomas 30/May/08

Good one as always Mr. D!
Ashwin Chellaram
Singapore 30/May/08

Dear Chandroo,
Thanks for your message and  article.
It is a nice story  of faithfullness and gratitude.
Wishing that he now fully recovered.
Best Regards.
Nice, France 28/May/08

Thanks Chandroo, good to read.
My Mentors were
Mrs. Elsie A. Evans
Mrs. Lily Hein Tin 
Mrs. Evans stood upright (pun intended) for everything ‘correct’ as there were only two ways to do something – the ‘right way’ and ‘every other way’, and also to appreciate Literature & Poetry.
Mrs. Hein Tin who taught me to appreciate Our World and to go out and see as much of it to properly understand and see its many wonders
I am pleased to say I have tried to fulfill what they instilled into me. All my life.
May God Bless them both
Cecil L. W. Wagstaff
Australia 28/May/08

Dear Bhau,
Hope all is well with you.  I was so happy to read your article.  You have really described Nana well and it is true he has recovered so beautifully due to his determination and strong positive nature.  I too sail the same boat as you and look up to Nana for all the wonderful qualities you shared in your write up.  Thank you for putting it so eloquently in words.
Hoping all is well with your family.  My regards to all.
Warmest Regards,
Reyana Alwani
Aruba 27/May/08

Dear Chandroo
Really enjoyed visiting your website and reading your articles!
Your articles are really interesting and you could be the new shining star of the literary world.
Regards-all the best to your family
Peter (Pishu) Mirchandani
Miami 26/May/08

Dear Chandroo,
You should be a writer-on life and humour and yes, also on wine.
Hi, how are you? So inspiring to read stories like Hariram,s. Lets try to emulate him in every natural way. Like they say:where there is will there is way.
I have really enjoyed reading your emails. I marvel that you take time, and more important you take such passionate interest to write the articles that you have writen.
Tell you what- teach me how to kindle interest in writing and teach me over wine at nusa dua beach in Bali sitting on the beach watching the waves roll by and the sun disappearing down the horizon and we both singing after getting tipsy. Deal? Like 'Nike' ad : Just do it.
Hope all is ok with you and wishing Hariram a speedy recovery,
best wishes,
Murli Mukhi
Lagos, Nigeria 26/May/08


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