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In Box 2014


Subject: Music

Dear Chandroo:

I just read your article on your love of music and you mentioned about the Old Records in 78 and 45 RPM and it reminded me of my wedding and I am sure you must be wondering how is that??

Well, I got married in Hong Kong and my invitation was a on 45 RPM RECORD, am attaching herewith the Wedding Card and the musical invitation for you to see and listen and give me your comments.

Take care and enjoy!

Kind Regards,


Hong Kong 24/Nov/2014


Subject: Music

yes, music from 60,70,80 make you feel great and suddenly everything in 90s onward suck!

Bobby Chiu

Hong Kong 22/Nov/2014


Subject: Music

I miss playing records better then what have now .


Hong Kong 22/Nov/2014


Subject: Music

Really enjoyed this . Brings back memories as you say happy and sad. Thanks for bringing back many good memories

Richard Schneider

USA 21/Nov/2014


Subject: Music

It makes me happy too, Chandroo! Plus my agent just sold the book I was telling you about in Bali, so that makes me even happier!

Peaceful wishes,

Nancy Furstinger

USA 21/Nov/2014


Subject: Music

Songs and music definitely reflect our thoughts and our hearts.  No wonder young people still listen the kind of music you listened to and now call them classics.

Heeru D

Mumbai 21/Nov/2014


Subject: Music

Music is a great sooner & Healer too

Cecil Wagstaff

Canberra 21/Nov/2014


Subject: Set apart

Profound & Thought Provoking

Sincerely Cec

Canberra 8/November/2014


Subject : Women and Jewellery

All read and done, do you have a way out?? As for today's generation, I don't think they are least interested in wearing at all, forget the old jewels. Yes, they probably can get them cashed...MM said it right!


Hong Kong 5/November/2014


Subject: Jewellery

Hi Uncle,

Enjoyed reading your article! Very insightful.

Please continue writing.

Best Regards,  Tish

Hong Kong 3/November/2014


Subject: Jewellery

marilyn monroe said it

Joseph Piper

USA 2/November 2014


Subject : Jewel

Been this way since Time Immemorial

Sincerely, Cecil

Canberra 1/Nov 2014


Subject: Senso comum, por favor

Reading your article I felt I was there with you!

Lavina D

Hong Kong 28/Oct 2014


Subject : Very good

Hi chandroo n lavi hope all well was nice meeting youll after a long time and had real fun at the wedding in pune now hope to see youll soon in laspalmas.your website is amazing keep it up

take care loves to all from sneha aju natasha n ritesh.

Las Palmas 26/September/2014


Subject: Wedding

Hi guys, thanks for sharing these pictures with me, I loved them, they are wonderful.

Love Genny

Austalia 7/September/2014


Subject: Wedding

Really nice good job man

Sunita Teckchand

Dubai 2/September/2014


Subject: Wedding

Thanks, Chandroo...brings back marvelous memories!

Peaceful wishes,

Nancy Furstinger

USA 31/August/2014


Subject: Wedding

What a beautiful video of Manesh and Candace. Wish u infinite love and boundless happiness forever.

Best wishes from Ashok, Nanda, Nishant and Sherina Khiani.

St. Thomas 31/August/2014


Subject: Wedding

Dear Uncle, 

Hi I just saw d slideshow of d wedding photographs.They were all good n were bringing back the lovely time we had in Bali.Hoping to see you and aunty soon in Mumbai . Give my love to d kai and ila n regards to Manesh and Candace.Tc.

Karuna D.

Mumbai 31/August/2014


Subject: Wedding

Dear Uncle and Manesh,
What a beautiful wedding. After watching the wedding I  almost feel that I was there to enjoy the beauty and the family union. 
Wishing you Manesh, all the happiness and joys of a relationship.
See you in Mumbai sometime.


Mumbai 31/August/2014


Subject: Unforgettable memories

Oh how lovely, Uncle. 

Btw, I do not recognize the individuals in the black n white pics. Who r they?

Lessa Samtani

Jakarta 30/August/2014


Subject: Unforgettable memories

Awesome slide uncle. 

Rita Marco

Australia 30/August/2014


Subject: Unforgettable memories

Beautiful photos Uncle. Love the slide show. 
Warm Regards


Hong Kong 29/August/2014


Subject : Gratitude

I guess everyone should visit Auschwitz once in their life time. We can then appreciate our independence and freedom. This is exactly how we felt when we visited Dachau, Germany. Naresh your portrayal of the camp created vivid images in my mind. Well written story.


Mumbai 29/August/2014


Subject: Unforgettable memories

Dear Uncle,
That was heart warming and churned my memory bank.  Thanks for sharing.

Mumbai 29/August/2014


Subject : Howdy from USA

Message : Hello, Chandroo, It was grand to meet you in Bali--now I am hooked on coconut water! You can check out all my children's books at my website: Keep on writing! Peaceful wishes,

Nancy Furstinger

USA 1/August/2014


Subject : Daryanani Roots

Very very interesting....Life is truly a roller coaster ride... Thx for sharing..

Maya Shahani



Subject: Daryanani Roots

Thank you for sharing your story. As human beings we love to know our roots. It gives one a sense of kinship especially when our families are getting smaller. Children are facinated by personal history, it will help them connect to each other one day!

Heeru D.

Mumbai 18/May/2014


Subject: Daryanani Roots

Very Nice Article. Thanks for sharing.

Naresh Asnani

Lagos 18/May/2014


Dear Chandroo,

I stumbled upon your Homestead blog as I was googling St Paul's igh School, Rangoon. I saw that you and Cyril were friends. Met with Cyril and his girlfriend in KL a few times. So sad he passed away. I left Burma for UK in 1977 after graduating from medical school, and lived and worked there till about two years ago when I retired. I am now spending my retirement days in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Thank you for your blog. It sure brought back memories of my good old school days. It is so sad the country and my Karen people suffered so much under the thumbs of these ruthless regimes. Anyhow looked at your lovely photos. Life sure is short. We just have to make the most of it. Regards.


Chiang Rai 18/May/2014


Dear Chandroo Daryanani,

My name is Laetitia Millois, I am working as a researcher for the Yangon Heritage Trust, a local NGO which goal is to preserve Yangon rich heritage. Your article is of great interest to me. Also I would like to ask you few questions : - where is the R. A. Ahuja studio located? - can you tell me more information about the Tejoomal building - Where is the Khalsa school? I hope to hear from you soon, Many thanks in advance.


Yangon 3/April/2014


Subject : Regarding story about RangoonMessage

I was born in 1949 and left Burma in 1969 now settled in London UK. Its so nice to hear story about yourself and Mynmar . When you mention about Mr R A Ahuja you met my Father best friend he was . There are lot more to add but just want to thank you for let us and made us remember about old days . Please keep in touch by email .


London 29/April/2014


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