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Article Subject: Goodbye Buddy
Dear Uncle,
sorry to hear about your dear friend Captain, who showed up in a lot of your articles, if i am not mistaken hadn't he visited all of us at Paradise once?
it is truly sad to loose a close friend and one can never ever find someone to replace old friendship, hoping your memories with him once again warm your heart and and your tummy without the alcohol.
love to you and aunty.
Heeru  - Mumbai 26th December 2011

Article Subject: Goodybye Buddy
Dear Chandroo,
Well he had suffered for quite sometime, may be if you looked in another way,
he has no pain now, happily in paradise.  thank you for your prayers to him.
you have written a very good article in your website.
keep in touch,  love to you and your family.
Merry Christmas !!!
Wendy - Hong Kong 24th December 2011

Article Subject:  Goodbye Buddy
Nice Article..
Maya Shahani - Bahrain 19th December 2011

Article: Goodbye Buddy
Enjoyed yr heartfelt article that you contributed on yr "writers guild" page.
Sorry to hear about yr dear friend. May he rest in peace.
Regards and best wishes
Prem and Naina - Singapore 19th December 2011

Article: Goodbye Buddy
I read with some sadness your farewell comments to your friend Cyril.  I recall him figuring in the first of your essays I read, talking about you gentlemen returning to Rangoon to retrace childhood steps, so your comments today were very poignant.
A Very Happy Christmas to you, Lavina and all your family.
David - Geneva 19th December 2011

Article Subject:  Goodbye Buddy
Chandroo..your article brought tears to my eyes knowing that our good mutual friend Capt. Cyril Dawson is no longer with us albeit in a better place and at peace with his Lord and Maker.  Cyril always addressed me as "Me golden hearted lady" for some unknown reason and was set upon getting you to visit me in Thailand. Hopefully now you will acknowledge his wishes and do so and maybe we can both toast a drink to Cyril and reminisce our mutual friendship with him who always managed to bring a ray of sunshine into every heart he touched! Farewell dear Cyril and RIP wherever you may be but you will always remain dear to me!
Nargis Kelley nee Jamal - Chiang Mai 19th December 2011

Article Subject: Capt. Cyril Dawson
Chandroo, I really admire your article on your friend Capt. Cyril Dawson.  There are not too many people in this world who have such fond memories of their childhood and would take time to write "Shradhanjali" in their honour.  Keep up my friend, the article was beautifully written and you have the time to write!  God Bless Cyril Dawson!  RIP
iBM -  Hong Kong 19th Decembe 2011

Article Subject: Goodbye Buddy
Dhanesh - Dubai 19th December 2011

Article Subject:  Good Bye Buddy
Always sad to hear of a very close friend's passing...God bless.
Vinod - Lagon 19th December 2011

Subject: Good Bye Buddy
Hi Chandroo,
Thanks for your email sent to our private EM address.
Good to hear from you although it's always sad to hear of someone's passing especially if that person was a friend or someone known to us since childhood. We all are privileged to have known people since our School days in Burma and to keep in touch with them from time to time.
Hope you and your family are in good health as the same attends us in Australia.  Do keep in touch and let us know the next time you're in Perth.
All our best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.
Errol Flynn - Perth 19thDecember 2011

Subject: Good Bye Buddy
Hi Chandroo
I am so sorry to hear about Cyril (RIP).
God Bless
Marilyn - Perth 19th December 2011

Subject: Good Bye Buddy
Thanks, We have lost a dear friend
Perveen Wagstaff - Canberra 19th December 2011

Subject: Good Bye Buddy
Hi Chandroo,
I'm very sorry to hear of your friend's final days and sickness.
My deepest sympathy for you and his family.
I will have a drink one day soon with you, in his behalf, Brand and Dry, sounds good.
All the best,
Al - Los Angeles 19th December 2011

Subject: Good Bye Buddy
It's a very touching "Good Bye" article.
And then there were two!  I always considered you, Cyril and myself as the three friends in Hong Kong even though there were other friends.  I guess it is because the three of us were from Rangoon.
Take care.
Hilda. - Perth 19th December 2011

Subject: Good Bye Buddy
Nice tribute
Ashwin - Singapore 19th December 2011

Subject: Good Bye Buddy
Hello Mr. D,
Just wanted to say thank you for keeping me updated in your articles, as I really do enjoy reading. Take care and regards to Mrs. D
Best regards,
Lysha - Singapore 19th December 2011

Subject: Return to Rangoon
Like you my mom was also born to my Doc grandfather Mr Motilal Sanghvi.And my Mom is now 77 that we three sisters deceided to take her down the memory lane with her few grandchildren who can make it.
Will write to you again after our return on the 25th of February. Though if you could let me know a genuine ruby selling shop I will be grateful.Thanks!
Jayoo Patwardhan - Pune 18th January 2011



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