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In Box 2015

Subject From Telegrams to Computers

 Yes, what an evolution, from telegrams 60 years ago to computers and smartphones now . But is that for good or for bad ? People are connected all time, not living in the present , but in the instant; looking at their screens incessently, even while riding bicycles, dining in the finest restaurant., etc… Pitiful. 25% of cars accident are due to the use of smartphones while driving. In Tokyo, it has become common that Passengers are falling on the subway/trains tracks, because on their compulsive use of smartphones. Dramatic for Youths, which are addicted and not able anymore to concentrate on anything else, not to mention also the frequent teenagers suicides due to online harassment. So, what ever the convenience of computers and smartphones, their use is becoming too often an addictive phenomenon reaching pathological level. The new "opium of the masses".

Francis Clement

Japan 31/Oct/2015


Hi Chandroo

You have a very sensitive and observant way of expressing feelings and day to day human life.  

With Love,


Hong Kong 30/Oct/2015



Message I went thru your old mates ordeal, it's easy for someone to guide, but for the person is really depressing. But atleast you gave him some tips to be happy, hopefully he will receover, things like these keep happening.....

I.B. Mahibubani

Hong Kong 30/Oct/2015


Hi uncle 

Loved the article 

Brought back loads of memories as I have at some time or another in my life used all the variously gadgets you mentioned to communicate...

Prem Khiatani

Singapore 30/10/2015


Subject OCD

Message With Respect, ......Sometimes it is more advantageous to rather Just Listen Objectively, without giving advice, especially if/when advice is NOT sought, and person was just looking for someone to talk to about any issue bothering that person, rather than give unsolicited advice . A Simple R U OK ? Question would suffice, and there is actually a National Health Campaign to combat Depression, in Australia, which use this for its Catch-Cry Header

Sincerely, Cecil Wagstaff

Australia 30/Oct/2015


Subject Modern age communication

Message Brought back good ol memories, thanks CD, as always, well written.


Hong Kong 24/Oct/2015


Subject Telegrams to Computers

Message Great article, Chandroo! I still have my old manual script could be worth a fortune...but these days I use my MacBook Pro to write my books on.

Nancy Furstinger

USA 24/Oct/2015


Subject jakarta

What a fun time. Everyone looks beautiful, happy and joyful. A fantastic event and Heartiest Congratulations to the couple

Heeru Bhojwani

Mumbai 16/April/2015


Subject Memories - Jakarta

Hi Uncle, excellent video. Hope you're well and hope to see you soon.

Kind regards

Jonathan Khubani

Jakarta 13/April/2015


Subject Memories - Jakarta

Excellent job daddy..... God Bless... 

Prakash Khubani

Jakarta 11/April/2015


Subject: Memories - Jakarta

Uncle, excellent video... Memorable one.  Thank you

Nareen (Duru) Khubani

Jakarta 11/April/2015


Subject organic

Thanks for clarifying that there is 'very little difference' in terms of nutrients. I was beginning to look into the value of organic food. This article came at the right time. Cheers on a glass of regular wine.( not organically fermented )


Mumbai 9/March/2015


Subject Organic Obsession

Refreshing to hear a contrarian argument to the dominant view that organic=good. Some scientists warn that organic food may contain more pathogens. In 2011 an outbreak of E. coli killed 51 people in Germany; the culprit was organic sprouts from a German farm.

Henry Konsen

Singapore 8/March/2015


Subject Organic

Like you, I will keep to the tried and these have NOT harmed me in all my years

Sincerely Cec

Canberra 8/March/2015


Subject: Australian outback hospitality

Wonderful story ..

Rod Smith

Perth 25/Jan/2015


Subject: Act of kindness

Super interesting....


Hong Kong 25/Jan/2015


Subject: An act of kindness

Good on you mate!!

Thanks Cecil. Typical country outback folks . Great to hear from you Love and best wishes from Hilda and Ron.

Perth 24/Jan/2015


Subject: What if life talked

Hello Mr. Chandroo,

Happy New Year!!! What an nice interesting poem by Naveer. Thanks for sharing.

His MU club has been doing much better after a poor start. He must be very excited. Regards to everyone.

All the best,

Richard and Paula

USA 10/Jan/2015


Subject: What if life Talked

Really Profound and Congratulations to this youngster.

Cecil Wagstaff

Canberra 9/Jan/2015


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