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Lessons from Sports
By Chandroo D.

Many years ago no one would ever talk about the importance of exercise. They got all the exercise they needed from work outside or at home. Making a living, raising a family, walking to and from places gave them enough movement, so they didn't have to think about exercise.

Sports itself was the best energizer for me.  During my school days, taking active part in playing football, hockey, basket-ball, tennis and cricket was the only form of exercise I happily indulged in.

I remember playing football come rain or shine.  The best games were during the monsoon season and being totally wet with mud splattered all over my face and body.  Come to think about it now, perhaps this has seasoned me naturally and also strengthened my immunity against common diseases and infections.

I remember playing hockey energetically during our school tournaments, whizzing past the defending opponents with an aim to score as many goals as possible.  Perhaps, this has trained my mind to move actively forward in life, overcoming problems to reach my goal successfully.

I remember playing basket-ball during recess periods in school. Teamwork, ball handling and aiming to shoot were the skills I was taught.  Perhaps, this has helped me to aim and focus accurately in life in order to achieve better results and anything possible.

I remember playing tennis during school breaks, hitting back every serve by my opponent and trying to predict the next rebound.  Perhaps, this has helped me to respond confidently to any unexpected problems, tragedy or criticism.

I remember playing cricket early in the mornings when the weather was cooler. Once, a fast delivery of the ball unfortunately fractured one of my finger bones while batting.  Thanks to the frozen fingers, I could endure the pain.  Perhaps, this has helped me to withstand the cold winters, pains and ache better now.

During my teen days, my Raleigh sports bike was the most reliable companion and transport mode.  Cycling daily either to school or to a friend’s place was the norm of the day and kept me fit too.  In order to add additional calf muscles, all I had to do was add a companion on the back seat and struggle up a hill.

Presently, being over the hill, the only exercise I indulge in now and with enthusiasm is walking.  Regardless of where I am in the world, I make it a point to slip away for an hour or so, either during early morning or early afternoon and go out for a stroll.  With all my limbs in action, I believe this is the best and simplest exercise I can think off.  Most of my walks are in the parks or at the sea front promenade.  Walking also allows me to ponder and consider a possible future decision or action in a serious and quiet way.

In today’s world, we have gyms, fitness centres, and personal trainers. There are high-tech machines to help us exercise and keep us trim. There are also some gadgets, you can strap to your arms and legs and tummy and relax in bed - they claim its vibrations give you your daily recommended quota of exercise. There are virtual reality exercises, dancercise, aerobics, yoga and who knows what else.  Hopefully, these will also perhaps help the new generation achieve something in the future other than making them look young, fit, pretty or handsome.


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