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​Modelling my Mentor​
By Sunita Teckchand (Dubai)

I am an integrated holistic therapist, with years of experience and training.  I had my own centre (first of its kind) in Dubai where men and women were treated equally in terms of getting alternative therapies at the centre.  I worked very hard to make the centre work but unfortunately I suffered from severe back pain on my cervical vertebrae and had to sell my business which was quite flourishing.

While modeling:
I am still the same just more experienced and more aware of things yet to come my way.  However I feel my high sense perception more alert during the modeling period as it has awaken some form of inner energy that I did not realize I had.

After the project is over:
I hope to be more confident in my goals and to follow them through thoroughly and passionately with the best possible outcomes.

Beliefs & Values
Why I am modeling:

To be more in touch with people and get to understand exactly what their passions and misunderstanding are in this world.

I will gain a lot by modeling the person who I see as my mentor as she truly works from her heart and does it so effortlessly it is quite awesome to follow in her footsteps to achieve great results with clients.

The purpose of this project is to try and set myself an example that I can be exactly like the person I model, to think in the same way and try to achieve the same results as she does.

I will model by meditating first and placing myself exactly in her view of how she perceives the universe.

I need high sense perception to get into 2nd position.

High sense acuity to feel, see, hear and taste a she does.

In 1st position I need to be completely in tuned with my surroundings and keep my senses completely open to all things.

Preparation:  To meditate first thing and get myself intoned to her way of thinking and feeling.

Gather as much information about her new projects and works that is in the pipeline.

Build my inner senses of truly understanding and to be more compassionate with all people that I come across in therapy and in life in general.

To test and see if my high sense perception is functioning at the level that I want it to be.

To transfer as much information I can get from all my models past experiences and work towards attaining jus that.

My modeling will exist in therapy and when I work with people of all calibers and with my family as well. Because if I am tuned in to my inner self I can do better work for mankind and myself to become a better person and more understanding with empathy and humility.

I see myself modeling this in my workplace to make it an open environment for people from all walks of life to get therapy and training in the field of alternative medicine.

My subject is a lady by the name of 'Sandra Gonzales' she is a therapist in the Kalos method of Kinesiology.  She truly works from her heart and gets great results for all her clients, whether it is a one on one session or group sessions, she gets the message across and works completely effortlessly and from her heart.  I had training with her when I was studying my Medical Aromatherapy and she took me on a lovely journey of self-discovery and opened up a lot of my pent up emotions by peeling the layers off one by one until after 4 hours into the session I was exhausted and completely charged and felt like a new human being.  I decided then and there that I would model her and become just like her and since then my journey has been into the world of human energy and how we can tap into that to help ourselves and people in therapy or people who are seeking help in whatever situation they fall into in their day to day life patterns.

The outcome can be phenomenal as Sandra gets immediate results with regression therapy from her clients and her method of healing is so effortless and full of love and awe, that it has made me decide that I need to follow these examples in my practice as well.  She is so tuned into energy that when she takes you for session she is actually talking to her guides and they are guiding her into the therapy to get the best results for her clients.    She has worked on my daughter with regression and progression into life and has received some remarkable feed backs.  In fact my daughter was her first youngest client that went into regression quite fast and was able to give a complete detailed description in her past life as a young boy.  I have worked with Sandra a lot and done many workshops with her, like angel readings and talking with your guides etc., and these have been mind opening workshops and very deep meaning into understanding the human mind and how we function.

She has also taught me a lot in my spiritual awareness and awakening and has opened up new avenues and places to work with people, that I never thought possible before I met her. She is a true inspiration and an angel in her own right.

I have to try and model Sandra's behavior, never get angry or overly emotional, always compassionate for the person that you are working with.  Her skills are numerous and to model them would take a long time and a lot of work on my part, with plenty of meditation to get into that state that she is always in, calm, peaceful and loving. She will take a person on at any given time, never says 'no', always ready to help, even though she is so busy in her own life but she is always willing to set aside her own personal problems and help others.  She has always had problems in her personal relationship with men and now she has worked hard and is happily settled in Colorado, USA.  Doing what she knows best, helping people achieve results in unbelievable ways.  She does the Macchu Picchu, workshops, where people gather and she takes them on a healing journey into self-discovery and opens up their high sense perception into understanding how energy works in the human body.  This journey that she does is life-changing for many people.

She has great beliefs and values about life, she seems like a wise old man from the ancient times, with so much knowledge and vision that it becomes quite mind boggling that she knows so much and sees so much. 

This subject will be modeled here in Dubai and hopefully when I do open my training centre, she can come down for the inauguration and do some workshops with us. 

Sandra works alone most of the time, however in Hong Kong she worked with a centre to teach Kinesiology in an emotional standing and to open up people's mind into understanding energy in a more sincere manner and with a very holistic approach.

I am modeling because I want to be like Sandra one day, to be able to get great results from clients and family members and to be able to tune into my own energy field effortlessly so in that manner I can work with people without judging or being judged.

I will use all the tools that I have learned from Sandra and work to the best of my abilities to help people achieve their desired goals and outcomes in life.  Using all the other tools I have in my bag also to help clients get the best results from therapy intervention.  The skills acquired will be to continue in my own journey of learning and adapting to different places and people, as they present themselves in my life.  Hopefully to open a centre in Dubai where people from all walks can come in and get what they require.

NOTE:  After writing my project Sandra did come to Dubai out of the blue and stayed with me for 3 days.  We held a very powerful healing workshop, whereby my own husband joined and got converted into the understanding of our human energy field and our aura's.  It was a very enlightening workshop where everyone let their guards down and just came to BE the person they are meant too.  There was lots of tears and laughter and of course lots of FUN as well, as we all dived into our emotions and joined hands to make life better for each and every one of us on this planet.  The connection we all had at the end of the class was phenomenon.


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