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Old Age

by C. D.

Do I want to live long and be a centenarian?  Not really! But these days with modern medical science and medicines, chances are many of us may live to be one.


Living longer means more disease and loneliness. But the upside includes being with your grandchildren and witnessing history.


Statistic shows that living unto100 and above is on the rise.  While average life expectancy for men is 76 and women is 81, the limit of human life is widely set above 100. As life expectancy has risen, so has the incidence of some diseases. The number of people with Alzheimer’s and other dementias has grown, according to the Alzheimer’s Association.


The advantage of living longer would perhaps permits me to see great great grandchildren and witness medical or technological breakthroughs but is it worth the physical and mental limits that come along with it?  I feel living unto 80 is plenty enough. Living that long is a way of having wonderful memories and it is important to pass it down to the children and grand children.


By age 80, I think it's best to stop taking flu shots, antibiotics, get screened for cancer etc. If life prolongs - fine. If I do get to that age, I would consider not to take any extra medical steps to prolong life.


Considering all the males in my family having not lived beyond 60, I am surprised I’ve lived that long! One thing is for sure, I have learnt to handle stress well and always optimistic.  I enjoy life and always look on the bright side. 


Looking at the sad examples of elderly persons living in a family home and being a burden to the family, I believe a commercial home for the aged is the best solution. The purpose of such homes is to provide shelter and care to many of whom are elderly and frail. I will happily consider moving in, as long as I have two beautiful smiling caregivers taking care of my daily needs.

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