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That pain in my tummy!
By Melina Asnani

Over the summer in Hong Kong, I was in the hospital for two nights and three days. The reason I was in the hospital was because my right side of my tummy was paining a lot. It turned out that the tissue there had swelled up and overgrown.

It all started in the morning. I woke up with really bad pain - I could hardly move.  I called my dad in the room.  He helped me get up.  I walked around the coffee table a few times.  After a while, the pain started to get better.

It started hurting again at lunch.  My mom said she would take me to the hospital when everyone had finished eating.  And that is just what she did.  By the time I got into the car I was in more pain.  I could not put my right leg up because my right side would feel like it’s been very cramped.  We were all kind of worried that it could be my appendix.

When I first entered the hospital, I wasn’t in that much pain.  But as I went on to different doctors and new scans, the pain got so bad that I had to sit in a wheel chair to move around.

After the doctors had figured out what was causing my pain they said they wanted to watch over me at the hospital for the night.  My mom stayed with me the whole time.  I was put on a drip and I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink.  Not even water.

In the night I couldn’t sleep for quite a few reasons.  First of all it’s kind of uncomfortable to sleep with a needle through your hand and with a cast around it.  Also the nurses kept coming in and did something with my drip.  I couldn’t see because I was too tired to open my eyes but I could hear the noise and could feel the tube moving.  Another reason, I was parched and famished.

In the morning my grandfather came before going to work. I was up when he arrive which was around 7:00.  He got coffee for my mom and talked to both of us.

Soon  my pain started to subside but I had to stay another night in the hospital. I still couldn’t eat but now I could drink, just not too much.  And I was allowed to eat Jell-O, ice cream and other soft foods but again not too much.  I wasn’t allowed ice cream till later because it was a bit too much.

Later on, my uncle came and brought me a huge box of chocolates. Too bad I wasn’t allowed to eat it.  Chocolate was definitely a no no!  It was unfair but I knew I couldn’t eat it so why try.

Then my sister, brother, dad and grandmother came to visit me.  My sister, brother and I played cards.  We also watched a bit of television. The worst part was that everyone was tempting me because they were all eating the chocolate that my uncle bought.

In the evening almost everyone was there.  Suddenly I experienced a really sharp pain again.  Oh my god, I had never felt like it. I stuttered to talk. The nurses came in to give medicine through my drip.  Tears rolling down my eyes. Holding my stomach, I groaned and moaned.   I wished it would just magically stop.   I was better after a while and I watched a bit of a video then went to bed.

In the morning, the doctor came.  He said I could finally go home.  I spent half the day there.  Part of that time I tried walking around for a bit to get the pain out of the way.  Then I went downstairs to the car park with my mom, got in the car and was driven home.

It was so good to finally be home.  There was a bit of food rules I had to follow but it was good to be home.   I will never forget those three days I spent in the hospital.

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