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Sugar & Spice

By Manishka Daryanani.


Have you ever thought about the words you use towards others? Well I’m here to tell you that it is not hard to reflect! In fact it is as easy as sorting sugar from spice by just tasting it.  Just imagine if you were at a restaurant and you ordered a main course, and then it comes with a bunch of sugar in it, and you think eww… who would eat this junk. Well the same thing happens when you order dessert that comes with tons of spice in it. Now all of this connects to how we act towards others. We act mean and nasty and that is how others get cuts and bruises and a sting in their eye. But when we act sweet and nice, others and ourselves we get a warm feeling, a good feeling that enlightens their heart towards others and back towards you. It’s basically saying that if you act nice to others they will be nice to you, and if you are mean they will be too. The golden rule states the same thing, A.K.A. treat others as you want to be treated. By reading this essay you will be able to maintain your sugar and spice.

The first reason I would  like to share with you is… just think about it, if you are all nice to someone and they got all mad at you for no reason and started getting angry. You wouldn’t like it would you? So now flip it around what if the mean person is you. How do you think the other person in the situation would feel? I myself can connect to this because… I have experienced times where the situations goes so far you end up hating each other till the end of the world.

Another reason I would like to share with you is … if you are fighting with another person it is probably because you or they added a little bit of spice and then the other person added more spice a now the whole recipe is ruined. What you have to do or the other person has to do is if a bit of spice gets in fix it with a bit of sugar, you have to keep catching each other not letting each other fall and get hurt.  When you get into a problem because someone adds spice you don’t sit and do nothing until they fix their mistake by adding sugar you go ahead and adding sugar and fixing the problem  and letting you guys both feeling happy with no more problems. You have to find the world safe enough for you to stand up for yourself and support your own ideas without getting into a mess.

In addition, I have some solutions to this problem, be a diplomatic person. Try not to cause many problems that involve others, by keeping your problems to yourself and not letting interfere with friend ships. By taking this advice you will find yourself having less problems in friendships.

My thesis of the outcome of sugar and spice is true because, its always better to be the person who adds the sugar and tries to fix the problem because you feel like a better person but the truth is that you’re not a better person you just are better than at solving the problem not creating another one! I think adding sugar always in your recipes makes life much sweeter and keep in mind that it makes a difference to keep adding sugar and never spice! Thanks for reading this essay, and please consider taking my advice!


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