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An Unforgettable day!
By Melina Asnani

I’m finally ten I thought when I was fully awake.  Nothing was going to go wrong today.  I kept saying in my mind.  I’m not a single digit any more.  I’m really growing up.  Although I had a few worries about being ten, I knew nothing could spoil this day.

After my shower I immediately rushed upstairs to open the presents my siblings bought me.  I simply tore them open with excitement.  I absolutely loved the gifts. I hugged everybody before heading off to school.

When I arrived at school everyone was wishing me, “Happy Birthday!” along with Ellie Knaster as it was her birthday too.  She shared her delicious cupcakes and we all gobbled them up.  Later on, specifically at break, I shared my cupcakes and they were plopped into our watering mouths.  At the end of the day I was really hyper. I just couldn’t wait to get home and celebrate with my family.

I hopped off the bus when we reached my stop.  I rushed up to my house and greeted my family.  After I settled down a bit, we went to tea at Selfridges.  We had our snack at Yellow Café.  We had a girls’ tea.  Along with me, came my mom, my sister and my two aunts.

Then we saw an ice cream bar.  Too bad it wasn’t opened until the next day.  It was only opened for staff that day.  But then after all of us girls finished our treats, one of my aunts went to the security guard and asked, “Are we allowed to go in?” “No sorry, come again tomorrow,” he replied.  And that’s when my aunt answered, “Even if it’s this little girl’s birthday” and pointed at me.

They actually let us in! I felt so special.  I got to sit on a throne and my mom took pictures.  Afterwards they took us into the ice cream truck and when we pressed the big red button it played an ice cream song.  And finally, we got to taste the ice cream. It was delicious.  The names were quite creative as well. For instance one of the testers I tried was called “Obamarama at the White House.” We had a really fun time but then we had to go home.

Later on we went for dinner at Luna Rosa.  It was an Italian restaurant.  All my relatives that were in London came.  My sister wasn’t feeling too well so my mom had to stay home with her.  That was okay because I had spent the whole day with them.  When I arrived they had my presents set up for me.  I got a spa set, a cooking set and my favorite, an electric guitar.  I couldn’t believe they got it for me. I was so joyful. I couldn’t wait to start playing it.

The rest of the night was amazingly fun.  When the pizza came it was so cool.  They made one large pizza with different toppings on each part.  I kept getting phone calls with close friends and family wishing me.  My brother fell asleep at dinner but I don’t blame him. I knew he wouldn’t make it through out.

We had decided to cut the cake at home with everybody.  The girls went in one taxi and the boys went in another.  After I ate a bit of the cake I had to go straight to bed.  There was school the next day.

In bed I thought how this was probably the best birthday I’ve ever had. I just couldn’t wait for my birthday party with all my mates.  In bed I dreamt about being cradled in the clouds.  That day was so excellent that I keep wishing that someday I could repeat it.


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