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Wonders of being 70

by Chandroo D.


Remember the commercials, where a pill or anti-aging cream is advertised to boost energy and look younger? Just turning 70 recently, someday I consider taking or using them considering the fact that I want to be around for my grandkids graduation and weddings.  And again some days, I reject that thought and don’t want the pills or creams.  I take enough pills already to keep my heart in motion. I love my children and grandkids and wish them well and I believe that is enough.

Seventy suggests wisdom and experiences in a life. During school days, I remember reading about Great Men in History.  Those men were bearded, stooped, with pipes in their hands and apparently turned 70 or close to it.  Achieving 70 was a powerful indicator of reaching a pinnacle of a career.

Physically turning 70 however is not a peak experience. My wife and I enjoy visits of our grandchildren occasionally. They come fully charged up and freely roam around the apartment, moving or rearranging things around and doing things they would not do in their own home. I get exhausted occasionally chasing them around, keep them from damaging any item, ensuring they are not viewing restricted movies on TV, trying to get their attention away from their mobiles or tablets and finally helping my wife in cleaning up and rearranging things after they are gone.  I do not know how their parents manage, but a day or two with them wears me out!  10 years ago this would not have happened!

Perhaps it is the exhaustion that is the deepest truth which verifies my age.  It is not easy to admit, but deep inside I have come to accept that I am closer to the end of my life and the best thing to do is enjoy and make the best out of it on day to day basis.  All the natural disasters, the headlines of economic turmoils, and the religious wars etc. - all of this want me to just take it in lying down.  I know in the future, more events good or bad reports will be oncoming, but I have come to a stage whereby I just don’t give a hoot.  I am now used to taking it in stride.

This does not mean that my appreciation switch is off!  It is not. Today, it is the flavor of my Gin or Cognac and not the buzz. The taste of good food and not the junk choice.  It is also the comfort of my loose slacks, shirts or a soft shoe. I have also lost the thrill of noisy clubs, disco or restaurants.  I am now more inclined to be in a quite place listening to golden oldies or slow Jazz reminiscing and taking a trip down memory lane.

Time too has come when many of my close buddies and loved ones have passed away.  How I wish that they were around me during my 70th celebration.  I am aware that mine is now the age when friends and family pass away and my day too will come one day.  So until then I vow to keep fit and be active as much as possible, as time goes by!


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